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Film Friday: Tommy Boy

Better late than never….

For today’s “Film Friday,” brought to you on this fine Saturday, the spotlight is on the movie I named the 4th best comedy of all-timeTommy Boy.
Easily the best movie of Chris Farley’s short career, Tommy Boy is the kind of movie you talk about with co-workers and the lines from the movie just start flowing. A few (of many) best lines:

“Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat”

“Housekeeping, you want mint for your pillow”

“Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?”

“Richard, who’s your favorite little rascal? Alfalfa…or is it SPANKY?

“I used to grab bear claws as a kid, 2 at a time, and I’d get them lodged in this region here.”

“Richard, do I have a mark on my face? It really hurts. Right here. Not here or here so much. Right here.”

“Do you know where the weight room is?”

“The next thing you know there’s money missing off the dresser and your daughters knocked up.”

“Bees, bees, bees in the car! Bees everywhere! God they’re huge…they’re ripping my flesh off. Run away, your firearms are useless against them.”

“R.T. I lost my virginity to your daughter for crying out loud. Rob, you were there.”

Farley left us far too early, having appeared in only 10 movies (4 as the lead) at the time of his death. Black Sheep, Beverly Hills Ninja and Almost Heroes had their moments, but never came close to the pure gold that was Tommy Boy. His supporting roles in Billy Madison and Dirty Work produced some memorable scenes as well. It’s hard to believe that Chris has been dead going on 13 years. He will live on forever in my life in some of the quotes I listed above. Enjoy these YouTube clips of the great Chris Farley.

Cheers and Hail

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