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Tiger’s Phone

Last week the Outback Pro Am took place here in Florida. It’s a stop on the Champions Tour…or the “old geezer” tour. The one exciting thing about this event is that is does feature celebrities that have included Bill Murray, Jerry Rice, Kevin Costner, Mark Wahlberg and Michael J. Fox, to name a few, How Michael J. Fox can play golf is a testament to him and his determination in his fight against Parkinson’s.

Anyway, one of the professional contestants in the event was Tiger Woods good friend Mark O’Meara, who would finish 2nd in the tourney. Mark showed major improvement in his short game compared to his previous outing at the Masters. He dropped this little tidbit to the St Pete Times:

“I got a putting lesson from Tiger last week at Augusta,” said O’Meara, who averaged 1.3 putts per green Friday. “He had his camera phone out there. He just told me to swing a little bit more off to the right and feel the toe release instead of coming over it. I agree with him. That’s what I do.”

Now, who cares about a 53 year old golfers putting…not me. However, I’m very intrigued to know that Tiger’s got a camera phone. I mean, we’ve already read all the text messages that came from that phone (link contains strong Tiger language)…can the pictures be far behind? A pictures worth a thousand words. Stay tuned…

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Cheers and Hail

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