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NFL Week 2: Pickin on the NFL

My week 1 picks were absolutely horrible! I was 8-8 straight up and 4-11-1 against the spread. I did hit my survivor lock of the week (CHI) and my upset special (WAS). I can only expect to be better this week, here goes.

PIT @ TEN-5 TEN 20 PIT 14

I can’t see a Dennis Dixon led team going into the Titan’s house and winning 2 in a row.

BAL-1 @ CIN CIN 20 BAL 17

I just flipped my pick in this game, so I’m not feeling to good about this pick. Cincy went 6-0 in the division last year and it would be tough for the Ravens to win two road games in a row against playoff caliber teams.

PHI-7 @ DET PHI 24 DET 16

Michael Vick is starting his 1st game in nearly 4 years and he’ll be the wild card but it is the Lions, so…

ARI @ ATL-7.5 ATL 26 ARI 20

I always like the home team when the visiting team is traveling coast to coast add the fact that Derek Anderson is not good and you have a Falcons victory.

MIA @ MIN-5.5 MIN 27 MIA 17

Bill Parcel’s didn’t leave the Dolphins in better shape than he found them…and they sucked when he got control of them.

KCC @ CLE-1 KCC 21 CLE 14 (Upset Special)

The Chiefs impressed me more than any other team in week 1, I know it’s early but this may a team that surprises a lot of people.

TBB @ CAR-3 CAR 23 TBB 19

The Bucs will get a heavy dose of the running game which is good because Matt Moore isn’t effective at executing a forward pass.

BUF @ GB -13.5 GB 26 BUF 10 (Survivor lock of the Week)

This is easy Packers = good, Bills = bad.

CHI @ DAL-9 DAL 27 CHI 17

I need Felix Jones to step for me in this game for fantasy purposes, please and thank you Jason Garret.

SEA @ DEN-3 DEN 23 SEA 17

I just hate the Seahawks and their coach…that is all.

STL @ OAK-3 OAK 20 STL 16

Do I have to pick one of these teams? Yuck.

JAC @ SDC-8 SDC 27 JAC 20

The Chargers game is blacked out in SD, SD fans are blacked out because Norv Turner is their coach.

NEP-3 @ NYJ NEP 24 NYJ 17

The Jest offense is not good, on a related note the Patriots offense is.

HOU-1 @ WAS WAS 23 HOU 21

Another game where I flipped my pick at the last second. Both teams know each other well so I’m going to go with Mike Shanahan having a better game plan than Gary Kubiak.

NYG @ IND -5 IND 27 NYG 21

No way Peyton Manning loses 2 in a row.

NOS-6 @ SFF NOS 27 SFF 17

The 49er’s looked horrible in week 1 and things are going to get worse before they get better.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010

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NFL Week 1: Pickin on the NFL

Fatpickle picks nothing but WINNERS! I'm Jimmy the Greek and I endorse this message.

Here’s the rest of my week 1 picks. My goal for this year is to be 70% correct on straight up (SU) picks and 55% correct against the spread (ATS). Last season my final numbers were:

171-78 .69% SU
107-117 .48% ATS

MIA-3 @ BUF BUF 17 MIA 16

Not sure why I’m picking Buffalo here, they’re probably a 4 win team at best, so I guess they get one of them here. They always seem to play the Dolphins tough.

DET @ CHI -6.5 CHI 27 DET 17 (Survivor Lock of the Week)

Jay Cutler stunk last season but he still threw for 5 TD’s in 2 games against the Lions. Both Cutler and the Bears will be better this year, Bears get the win at home.

IND-2 @ HOU IND 21 HOU 20

Houston is the popular choice here and they may indeed win but I’m still picking the Colts for no particular reason.

DEN @ JAC-2.5 DEN 23 JAC 20

I’m pretty sure this is the season Jack Del Rio finally gets himself fired…but I’ve been saying that for 3 years. Look for a Tim Tebow goal line score, just got a feeling.

CIN @ NEP-5.5 NEP 24 CIN 21

The Patriots just aren’t the dynasty they used to be but they’re still tough at home, that may be too many points!

CAR @ NYG-6.5 NYG 23 CAR 17

I’m not sold on Matt Moore, then again I’m still not sold on Eli Manning and he’s got a Super Bowl ring, oh well.

ATL-1.5 @ PIT ATL 21 PIT 17

This is a game that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole if I was actually betting.

CLE @ TBB-2.5 CLE 20 TBB 16

The Bucs are terrible and so is Raheem Morris. I heard the over/under for the Bucs season wins is 5.5, that’s easy money take the under.

OAK @ TEN-6.5 TEN 27 OAK 14

Oakland will be better, but starting the season with an east coast game against the Titans will not equal a victory.

GBP-3 @ PHI GBP 27 PHI 20

I think it’s a joke the SI and other media are picking the Eagles to win the NFC East, this team goes backwards this year.

SFF-3 @ SEA SFF 23 @ SEA 17

The 49er’s were my pick to win their division last year, I was a year off.

ARI-3.5 @ STL STL 17 ARI 16

Here’s an upset, Sam Bradford has looked good in the pre-season and Derek Anderson is as accurate as a morning wood piss.

DAL-3.5 @ WAS WAS 21 DAL 20 (Upset Special)

DC will be fired up and the Redskins will be prepared, this is an W my friends.

BAL @ NYJ-1.5 BAL 17 NYJ 13

I just don’t think that the Jets are a Super Bowl contender. However, if Joe Flacco can eliminate mistakes, the Ravens are a Super Bowl contender.

SDC-5 @ KCC SDC 30 KCC 17

I picked this game to have the largest margin of victory. That being said it’s always tough to play in KC and anything can happen. Confused? Yes I am.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Pickin on the NFL: Thursday Night Special

Picking on the NFL is back this year as I continue to share with you my vast knowledge of football. As always, my picks are for entertainment purposes only, so if you put $500 on the Raiders one week just because I picked them to win…well you put your faith in a guy named ‘Fatpickle’ nuff said. The rest of the schedule and winners will be posted before Sunday’s action but here is your Thursday Night game winner.

MIN @ NOS-5 NO 28 MIN 21

The previous 44 Super Bowl winners are 36-7-1 in the first game of the season following their Super Bowl win. Drew Brees and the Saints will be playing at home in front of a fired up crowd. Brett Favre is without his top target in Sidney Rice. Saints win, maybe by more than I’ve predicted.

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Super Bowl XLIV: Pickin On The NFL

Who dat? Dat be the Super Bowl champions? No…really? For the past 2 weeks I’ve told anyone who asked for my opinion that the Colts would win the game. In fact, I told my co-workers this morning the Colts would win by 2 touchdowns. I mean…it’s hard not to believe that if Tony Dungy believes it. But, I guess I drank the Saint’s Kool-Aid for breakfast because I’m officially going on record as picking the Saints to win the game.

Picking the Saints definitely puts me in the minority as most of the experts are picking the Colts; even most of the celebrities are picking the Colts. But hey, I’m in good company…if the Saints are good enough for Phyllis Diller, they’re good enough for me! Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir (what’s that guy been smoking) even picks the same final score as I do…Saints 30 Colts 28. Who cares what the “experts” think with all their breaking down game film and well-informed information? I feel like I’m in good company with Phyllis and Bob.

It’s tough to pick against Peyton Manning, he may be the best I ever saw. The key to game will come early, with the Saints needing to do 1 of 2 things. The Saints need to come up with a couple of stops early, or if not, they need to answer the Colts scores. The Saints falling behind early would not be a good recipe for winning. Hopefully, Gregg Williams will bring a solid defensive game plan to the table and try to create some confusion for Manning…something that is not easy to do. I’m predicting a Joseph Addai fumble at some point in this game to swing things in the Saints favor.

So there you have it…put some Jambalaya in the crock pot, cue up ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ and enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll cruise on over to Orlando this week and see Drew Brees at Disneyworld.

Saints 30 Colts 28

Cheers and Hail

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NFL Divisional Games: Pickin On The NFL

Last Week:
Straight Up 2-2
Against the spread 3-1

ARI @ NO-7

The Cardinals game last week was like a playing in a game of Madden where you know that the last team that gets the ball is going to win. You don’t even want to kick it to the other team after you score. This game will be similar, except I think a couple ugly turnovers (Warner fumble, a Hightower/Wells fumble) will not only mean a Saints win…but also a cover.

NO 33 ARI 24

BAL @ IND -6

I’m in the majority of people that would like to see Indy fall on their faces. Not because they rested their players, I don’t have a problem with that and I don’t think it’s going to affect their play. I didn’t like the fact that they threw the ball 5 or 6 straight times to Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne, just so each could get to 100 receptions on the year. Now you’re saying W’s don’t matter but stats do. Don’t like it. Anyway, none of that matters now…the Colts will win, on a FG by longtime Raven Matt Stover.

IND 23 BAL 20

DAL @ MIN-2.5

I have Dallas winning this game but 2 things have to happen to do so. First, Favre has to play out of the system and make a couple of the stupid throws he tends to make this time of year…I think that happens. Second, I have the game finishing 24-23. The FG by Dallas better come early in the game, because if it’s late…Suisham misses it and the Vikings win 23-21.

DAL 24 MIN 23


I hear some folks calling for an upset here, I just can’t see it happening. You have an East Coast team with a rookie QB heading to San Diego to play perhaps the best team in the NFL. I will give the Jets the cover, as long as Sanchez’s INT’s stay below 2.

SD 24 NYJ 20

Cheers and Hail

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NFL Divisional Games: Pickin On The NFL

Regular Season Stats
Staight Up 171-78 .69%
Against the Spread 107-117 .48%

NYJ @ CIN-2.5

I would like to pick Cincinnati here but I can’t bring myself to do so. If the Bengals could only stop the Jets running game and force Dirty Sanchez to throw the ball, the Bengals win. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Bengals doing that. The bright spot of this game…Gibbs and Theismann working the booth.

NYJ 20 CIN 14

PHI @ DAL-3.5

Conventional wisdom says that it’s very hard to beat a team 3 times in one season. History tells us that the Eagles are a solid playoff team and that the Cowboys, along with Tony Romo, haven’t performed well in January. Well, I’m going against conventional wisdom and history and predicting a Cowboys win.

DAL 24 PHI 20

BAL @ NE-3.5

The Wes Welker injury will cost the Patriots from advancing deep into the playoffs…however I don’t see them losing this game at home where they are 8-0 this season. Flacco has been very up and down this year, I look for Belichick to have a great defensive game plan for him and Rice. Patriots win it on a late FG.

NE 23 BAL 20

GB @ ARI-1

The Packers have been my team of destiny since the beginning of the year and I have had a man crush on Rodgers for 2 seasons now. The Cardinals are banged up and the Packers are playing their best football of the season. Green Bay advances to round 3 with Favre.

GB 27 ARI 21

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Saturday, January 9, 2010

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