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With The 71st Pick In The 2012 NFL Draft The Redskins Select Jim Blutarsky

The Redskins have selected brother Bluto in the 3rd round. Josh Leribeus was academically inellegible for his Junior season…no official word that his GPA was “zero point zero.” Don’t hate Skins fans…was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Josh Leribeus

Jim Blutarsky

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, April 27, 2012

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Building A Winner Doesn’t Happen One Loss At A Time

There’s never, and I mean NEVER, been a time in my 30 years of rooting for the Redskins that I’ve rooted for them to lose. How can you even consider yourself a fan to do so? When Rex Grossman throws a 50 yard bomb to Anthony Armstrong to potentially win the game, I jump up and down like I won the lottery. I could give 2 shits if it was the Redskins 3rd win or 13th win of the season. When DeAngelo Hall intercepts the ball to wrap up a victory I again cheer and never stop for a second to think…we just F’d up next years draft.

There’s so many other factors that can fuck up next years draft, besides losing games. I won’t list them all here, but here‘s a few…Dan Snyder, Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. It all comes down to the front office making the right decisions. It really doesn’t matter if you pick 1st in each round or 20th in each round, there’s quality players everywhere…all you have to do is find them.

Over the last 5 seasons the Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Ravens and Eagles have made the playoffs the most out of all the NFL teams. I’m assuming that it took a few years to build these perennial playoff teams so let’s look at each team’s draft over the last 10 years. In parenthesis you’ll find the draft position for each team over the last 10 years.

IND (22,31,27,29,32,30,29,29,24,11) 5 playoff appearances Avg draft position 26.4
0 drafts in top 10.

SD (18,28,16,27,30,19,28,1,15,5) 4 playoff appearances Avg draft position 18.7
2 drafts in top 10.

NE (28,27,26,31,28,21,32,32,19,21) 4 playoff appearances Avg draft position 26.5
0 drafts in top 10.

BAL (27,25,23,8,29,13,22,21,10,24) 4 playoff appearances Avg draft position 20.2
2 drafts in top 10

PHI (23,24,21,19,26,14,31,28,30,26) 4 playoff appearances Avg draft position 24.2
0 drafts in top 10

For the record that’s 4 drafts out of 50 when these teams were set to pick in the top 10 of the draft. Over a 10 year span the most successful teams in the NFL picked in the top 10 of each round only 8% of the time. Also for the record, the Redskins have drafted in the top ten 50% of those years!

The Redskins have been below average for 20 years because of their personnel decisions…not because of the amount of games they’ve won or lost the previous season. The above statistics prove that it’s not where you pick, it’s who you pick.

I think everyone can agree that under Vinny Cerrato the Redskins drafted horribly, reference the 2008 draft for proof. It’s also a fact that under the Gibbs II era the Redskins basically didn’t draft players. These 2 points are the reasons for the 4-12 and 6-10 seasons. The Redskins draft position had NOTHING to do with our mediocrity, it was the front office’s ineptness that led us here. Let the chips fall where they may and leave it in the hands of the current regime to make the right decisions in next years draft. If there’s a player that they covet, besides Luck, I’m sure that they have the resources to get him. And don’t sleep on the fact that a 3rd round pick may end up being more valuable than a 1st round pick.

I’ll end with this…I’ve written many a post on this blog that could be taken as negative in regards to my outlook on the Redskins. That’s probably a true and fair assessment. But, I’ve earned my fan card with over 30+ years of rooting for this team. Countess hours devoted to watching them, talking about them and blogging about them…I’ve earned my fan card. When the day comes that I start rooting against this team to lose games under the premise and pipe dream that losing games may in some way make them better…well that’s the day I turn in my fan card.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Redskins 2011 Draft: Grading The First 6 Picks

I must admit, I like love what the Redskins did in this draft. They definitely filled some holes and at the very least have made an effort to add some depth. Most importantly, they didn’t do anything remotely close to being stupid…what a refreshing change.
Here’s my thoughts on the first 6 draft picks:

Rd 1 – Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB

Grade: A

Absolutely love it. We needed an OLB to complement Brian Orakpo and Kerrigan will fill this need. Lots of talk about his “high motor” and ‘high character”, music to my ears. I think he’ll play quite a bit at DE as well. I can see the Kerakpo duo totaling 20+ sacks. Bonus was we traded back and added extra picks.

Rd 2 – Jarvis Jenkins DE

Grade: B-

I’m up in the air on this one. On one hand I love the idea of him playing NT in our 3-4 defense, however word is the Redskins plan on him playing at DE. My guess is he’ll play a little of both (like the Redskins prefer of their D-lineman) and add some much needed depth to our D-line.

Rd 3 – Leonard Hankerson WR


I feel really good about this pick. A big body WR who has a nose for the end zone (his 13 TD’s last season broke Michael Irvin’s record). He may have been a steal and fills a true need for the Redskins…possible starter this year. Bonus points for having peeps at his draft party wearing Redskins gear!

Rd 4 – Roy Helu RB


Love it! This guy is a perfect fit for Shanahan’s running scheme and I predict he starts at least 8 games in 2011. I like Ryan Torain but he’s injury prone and the rest of our RB’s are journeymen/practice squad types.

Rd 5 – Dejon Gomes SS


Ok with this pick. He played LB/SS in college and I assume he’ll be a back up safety for the Skins. He may become a dominating special teams player…but when you have 6 picks left should you be looking for special teams players? I like the fact that he has a nose for the ball, caused 12 turnovers in his college career.

Rd 5 – Niles Paul WR


I like this pick. Paul comes from a run-first offense at Nebraska but he made the most of his opportunities. He showed playmaking skills in both the return game and WR during his college career. Could have an immediate impact at KR.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Monday, May 2, 2011

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NFL Draft 2011: Danny & Shanny Have Their Poker Faces On

I thought about writing a post telling you guys whom I hoped the Redskins would pick versus who I thought they’d pick. Ultimately, I decided that you guys wouldn’t give 2 shits about what I thought. There’s enough mock drafts out there to make you overdose. Not only do we have Mel Kiper and Todd Mckshay telling us what’s going to happen, we got every swinging dick with a blog telling us what they think is going to happen. I’ve been watching football for over 30 years and blogging about it for 3+ years…I know my place, I’m not a scout and I can’t break down potential NFL players. (I think I can, but I’m wise enough to know I can’t)

If you’re a blogger and you’ve written posts about a player’s attributes and intangibles…well you’re a tool. You’re probably currently clocked in at some 9-5 job and you’re secretly posting your “breakdown” of said player before someone catches you writing about it in your cube. Don’t get fired from your day job because there is no NFL team that’s going to hire you for your scouting skills…everyone has access to Google.

Me personally? I hope the Redskins trade down and add another 2nd or 3rd round pick. I know we need help at OLB/DE, O-line, RB, WR, QB and CB. I have my choices for the top players at those positions and I hope the Redskins end up with a couple of them. I’m sure the trading up for Blaine Gabbert is a smokescreen and I hope the Redskins can play this poker game like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. That is all.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011

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What Happened To All Those Redskins Draft Picks?

Since 2003, the Redskins have made a decision as an organization to trade valuable draft picks for veteran players. A “quick fix” mentality that not only hasn’t worked, it’s also caused long term issues. Again this year the Redskins will head into draft day without a 3rd or 4th round pick, in a draft that has a lot of depth and could provide a starter or two in those rounds. Let’s take a look at where all of our draft picks went over the last 8 years and how we could’ve used them if they hadn’t traded them away. My apologies to Mr. Tandler, who wrote a very similar article a few months back. I’m bound to copy Rich at some point…he wrote the book on the Redskins!

2010 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 2nd round pick for Donovan McNabb,
Traded 3rd round pick (supplemental draft) for Jeremy Jarmon
Traded 5th round pick for Adam Carriker.

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

2nd round DB’s Nate Allen/TJ Ward /Javier Arenas. DE’s Lamarr Houston/Carlos Dunlop LB’s Koa Misi/Daryl Washington
3rd round WR’s Jordan Shipley/Brandon LaFell QB Colt McCoy
5th round WR Riley Cooper CB Perrish Cox

2009 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 2nd round pick for Jason Taylor
Traded 4th round pick for Jason Kendall

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

2nd round RB’s LeSean McCoy/Shonn Greene DB Derek Cox DE Matt Shaughnessy
4th round WR’s Austin Collie/Johnny Knox

2008 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 1st round pick for Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas
Traded 5th round pick for TJ Duckett

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

1st round RB’s Chris Johnson/Rashard Mendenhall/Matt Forte/Ray Rice WR’s Desean Jackson/Eddie Royal DE Calais Campbell
5th round WR Josh Morgan DE Trevor Scott LB Geno Hayes

2007 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 2nd round pick for Rocky McCintosh
Traded 3rd round pick for TJ Duckett
Traded 4th round pick for Brandon Lloyd

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

2nd round WR Sidney Rice/Steve Smith DE LaMarr Woodley
3rd round WR James Jones/Mike Sims Walker DE Charles Johnson
4th round DB Dashon Goldson WR Steve Breaston

2006 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 1st round pick for Jason Campbell
Traded 3rd round pick for Brandon Lloyd
Traded 4th round pick for Jason Campbell

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

1st round WR Santonio Holmes RB DeAngelo Williams LB Demeco Ryans
3rd round T Jahri Evans WR Brandon Marshall DE Elvis Dumervill
4th round DE Ray Edwards DT Kyle Williams

2005 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 2nd round pick for Mark Brunnell
Traded 3rd round pick for Jason Campbell

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

2nd round LB Lofa Tatupu DB Nick Collins/OJ Atogwe WR Vincent Jackson RB Frank Gore DE Justin Tuck
3rd round LB Kirk Morrison QB Kyle Orton RB Marion Barber/Brandon Jacobs T David Stewart

2004 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 2nd round pick for Clinton Portis
Traded 4th round pick for Chad Morton

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted:

2nd round DB Bob Sanders DT Darnell Dockett/Randy Starks K Nate Kaeding C Nick Hardwick T Max Starks
4th round DE Jared Allen G Jake Scott

2003 Draft

What the Redskins did:

Traded 1st round pick for Laveranues Coles
Traded 4th round pick for Trung Candidate
Traded 5th round pick for Brandon Stai

Who the Redskins could’ve drafted

1st round DB Troy Polamula/Nnamdi Asomugha/Charles Tillman/Rashean Mathis/Ike Taylor TE Dallas Clark G Eric Steinbach T John Stinchcomb LB EJ Henderson
4th round DB Terrence McGee/Asante Samuel
5th round DE Robert Mathis C Ryan Pontbriand/Dan Koppen P Mike Scifres G David Diehl

Cheers and Hail

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The Redskins 2010 Draft Was Better Than Mine

After the Redskins draft of 2010 I wrote a post highlighting some of the players I thought the Redskins should’ve taken instead of the guys they chose. I’m sure no one remembers this post and I could leave it buried in the history of other FP posts that are both sucky and forgettable. But, I’m here to stand before you and say that my draft sucked. I managed to draft the most underachieving and brittle convicts ever corralled. Here’s a look at my picks versus the Redskins.

Round 1:

The Redskins chose Trent Williams while I basically took the field while singling out Russell Okung. Williams played very well in his rookie season and appears to be a guy we can plug into the starting lineup for the next 8-10 years. Okung was bothered by a high ankle sprain all year. Redskins win.

Round 2:

The Redskins traded this pick in exchange for Donovan McNabb, this didn’t work out so well. However, I spent my pick on Sergio Kindle. I felt Kindle would make a nice complement at OLB to his former college teammate Brian Orakpo. Kindle broke his skull falling down a flight a stairs before he ever played a down. How does a professional athlete do this…like the rest of us would, he got drunk. Kindle later got a DWI and may never play a down for the Ravens. Redskins win.

Round 3:

The Redskins used this pick on Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft in 2009. So far Jarmon has not produced on the field but there seems to still be some potential there. I picked Morgan Burnett who started at FS for the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers from week 1. Unfortunately, Burnett tore his ACL in week 4 (he played half a game w/ the torn ACL) and was lost for the season. I’m calling this a draw.

Round 4:

The Redskins chose Perry Riley who failed to make his mark as a linebacker on defense and made several critical errors on special teams. I chose a projected round 1 pick and “workout warrior” Bruce Campbell. Campbell also failed to make his mark with the Raiders on offense and played sparingly on special teams…another draw.

Round 5:

The Redskins traded this pick to the Rams for DE Adam Carriker, who had 1.5 sacks in 15 starts. I chose CB Perrish Cox, who started 9 games at CB and played well for the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, Cox is now facing life in prison for sexual assault! Redskins win.

Round 6:

The Redskins chose TE Dennis Morris who was traded during training camp for a guy we cut 1 day later. I chose Jonathan Dwyer a RB chosen by the Steelers. Dwyer appeared in only 1 game, but he’s still on the Steelers’ roster. I win.

Round 7:

The Redskins chose WR Terrance Austin who was a practice squad member for most of the year and caught 3 balls during the regular season. I selected DE George Selvie who was slated as a 1st round pick had he come out of college in 2009. Selvie appeared in all 16 games for the Rams registering 1.5 sacks. I win.

So there you have it. A less than stellar draft by both the Redskins and FP. The Redskins win this draft by default and Trent Williams is definitely the jewel of this draft.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, February 11, 2011

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