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Peyton Manning: It’s Hip To Be Square

(photo courtesy of On That Note)

Peyton Manning may just be the coolest dork in history. He keeps popping up in cool places, with cool people, but…looking like a CPA. Last off-season was dedicated to commercials and SNL. This year, he’s partying in Key West and New York with rock stars!

Last March, Manning became the first person in the history of civilization to sing a David Allen Coe song wearing a polo and khaki shorts. He earned a trifecta by performing his karaoke at Sloppy Joe’s in a duet with Kenny Chesney. So, he’s way cool for being in Key West at Sloppy Joes, singing with Kenny Chesney…but he’s the only person in the joint wearing my uncle’s favorite golf outfit.

Cut to Friday night in New York. Better Than Ezra (one of my favorite bands) is rocking the house. During their performance of “King of New Orleans,” they bring out the Manning brothers. What kind of outfit are the Manning brothers working for the big show? What any one of us would…your standard button up shirt and blazer. They proceeded to fire some footballs out into the crowd (cool) and look very awkward moving to the music. So once again, cool for being there…but very dorky.

Sounds like the story of my life.

Cheers and Hail

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Porkboy46: Man Oh Manning

Yep, looks like things are winding down here, let’s move up that Enzyte commercial”
This time of year is tough for many NFL players and coaches. Their seasons over much sooner than they had hoped or planned…but for one guy this is the time of year he lives for, it is his true passion! Now that the season is over, Peyton Manning can get to work selling anything and everything! Now, don’t get me wrong he usually will spend the first couple of days blaming his teammates, blaming the officials, and blaming the gosh darn league! (I actually love the last one, one of the rules he always whined about not getting called, illegal contact down field, was one of the calls that doomed his team on that final drive, Ha Ha)
But after those 2 days, its right to work selling everything from Oreos to Visa to Gatorade to Sony. I’m sick of seeing his Frankenstein face! My guess is he’s already made 4 or 5 commercials this week! If he wanted to make some real money how about renting out that billboard he calls a forehead!
The one thing that really burns my ass was Dungy’s retirement press conference. Where was the All-Pro Quarterback? Probably licking an Oreo, too bad he couldn’t lick Norv Turner! Take time out from being in front of the camera and see off the man who won you a title! Yeah that’s right, Tony won you a title, not the other way around. You did your usual playoff routine of throwing more pickles than TD’s and his defense carried you!
Well on to other things, like …..Eli
It’s so great that the Eli that I know and love came back to us! Now all we have to figure out is, who was that impostor that played for the Giants last January? I love seeing Eli make throws that make every one say “WHAT THE F WAS THAT? ” My favorite part is when he gets that look on his face while he walks to the sideline like a kid that’s wondering why his dog shit in his lunch bag!!
(watch imitation by Colt Brennan below)

Playoff Breakdown – Eagles/Giants from Tanner Cooley on Vimeo.

Don’t get me wrong, they are both better than Tony “Entertainment Tonight” Romo! That poor bastard is starting to look a lot like Jim “Chris” Everett
Finally, I saw a lot of the adds “keep gym class”…. are they getting rid of it? I think gym class is so great they need to give it to adults at work! How great would that be, if the french can get their “drink on” at lunch, why can’t we play a little dodge ball or Frisbee football?
Imagine the half hour before lunch, getting to play kickball or stick ball, that would be sweet! Sign me up !
the other white meat

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