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Old Redskins Park Autographs Part 2

Back in the day Redskins Park used to offer 8×10 B&W’s of the players for $2.00 (if I can remember correctly.) I’m not sure if this is still offered today and I’m not sure if B.J. still works there, but if she does…she’d be the one to tell you if they do. B.J. was/is the long time receptionist at Redskins Park and would be an awesome interview, Matt Terl? She’s probably got more stories than the players, coaches and front office combined. Below are some of my B&W’s.

Greatest KR in the history of the NFL. Look closely at this picture…there’s so much to love. He’s working the pinky ring, gold watch and a Redskins gold medallion necklace!

Darrell’s got one of the greatest smiles I’ve ever seen, I think his smile could cover most of the WR’s in the NFL today…not to mention that at age 50 he’s still faster than most players in the NFL.

The mullet, the stache. If you never got to play the Donnie Warren game with Fatpickle and Porkboy…then you missed out, that game and Donnie will live forever!

Doug was always awesome with me…not sure what happened here?

In Gus we trust! Does Gus not look like he could be a cast member of Jersey Shore?

Back in the mid 90′s I wanted to promote a fight, Ken Harvey vs. Greg Lloyd. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see that fight right now! Ken is one of the nicest guys on earth…and he could kill you with his bare hands.

Love KB, he rushed for over 4K yards in 3 seasons with USFL.

Yes, Ricky once wore #46. He also had 193 receiving yards in Super Bowl XXII…168 yards in the 2nd quarter alone. Awesome guy!

If you’ve ever been to the Ice House in Herndon, Va…then you’ve been to my Grandmother’s old bar. It used to be Margaret’s Inn and it was a place many Redskins visited in the late 70′s to blow off steam and drink a few beers. Riggo knew my Nanny well.

Mark was on IR the year he signed this picture, with one of those mysterious injuries that would come up late in the preseason. Gibb’s young QB’s always came up with those phantom injuries back in the day. Give them a clipboard and make them wear an ugly sweater until they’re ready to play. Anyway, he was healthy enough to sign this picture and toss the nerf football around with me.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Old Redskins Park Autographs Pt. 1

You’ve heard stories of my days spent at the old Redskins Park collecting autographs and memories. I thought I would start posting some of the collectibles I acquired during that time. Here’s a look at some of the football cards I had signed back in the 80′s. Next week I’ll post my 8×10 black & whites, which are my favorite items.

87 Topps Wilber Marshall. Wilber had a very unique way of signing; he’s left-handed and signs his name upside down and from right to left. Wilber was a bad ass!

1984 Topps Dexter Manley. There are many reasons to love this card, the mohawk is definitely one of them and the fact that Dexter even signed it “Mr. D” for me. Alas, this card and a few other autographs I obtained that day were F’d up by a faulty marker. Son of a…

1983 Topps Dexter Manley. Dexter was always super-cool and never at a loss for words…he was also so full of energy. The back of this card says that Dexter served as a Deputy Sheriff in Virginia…really?

1986 Topps Jim Lachey. Don’t remember a whole lot about the interactions with Jim other than he was quiet and polite. Thank you Bobby Beathard for the Jay Schroeder for Lachey swap.

1988 Topps Kelvin Bryant. Kelvin was one my favorite players during the 80′s. He was a great all-around back and had a 13 catch 130 yard 2 TD day against the Giants in 86′, it says so on the back of the card!

1984 Topps Joe Jacoby. Jake’s always been good to me, I’m hoping he’s the next Redskin in the Hall of Fame. All he did was block Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White and Too Tall Jones for a decade…and did it well.

1984 Topps Darrell Green. This is Darrell’s rookie card and is probably the only one in the group that’s worth much $$. Doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t sell any of these for any price…well I’d cut Bostic loose.

1979 Topps Doug Williams. This is also a rookie card and it’s mint. Doug also signed his SI Super Bowl cover for me, “To Doug, From Doug.” Unfortunately, it was with the same sucky marker Dexter used to sign “Mr. D.” Son of a…

1987 Topps Charles Mann. Charles was always super nice and cool. The faulty marker makes another appearance. Son of a…

1988 Topps Earnest Byner. Earnest was the consummate professional as a player and didn’t get the respect he deserved as a coach. Thanks Bobby Beathard for Mike Olpihant for Earnest Byner.

1982 Topps Dave Butz. Anyone remember the “Big Bad Butz” song made for Dave Butz? I need to find that, help me. I googled big bad butz and nothing but porn sites comes up. Per the back of Dave’s card “he performs week-in and week-out, playing often with injuries, and continues to get the job done in fine fashion.” I agree Topps, I agree.

1984 Topps Jeff Bostic. Jeff Bostic was not cool, he was not nice…it says so on the back of his card.

Cheers and Hail

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9/25-26 Happy Bday Kelvin Bryant

Happy birthday Brad Bergesen. Brad was in the middle of a solid rookie season when a line drive off his leg ended it prematurely. Before the injury, Brad was 7-5 with a 3.43 ERA and had some ROY buzz around him. 9 out of his last 10 games were quality starts and he boasted a 2.47 ERA during that time. Brad was a 4th round pick out of high school in 2005, and has excelled at every level in the minors. I look forward to a healthy Brad leading the Orioles towards another “why not” season in 2010. Happy 24th Mr. Bergesen.


Happy birthday Mike Bragg. Mike played 12 seasons for the Redskins from 1968-79’. Mike was a local kid who grew up in Falls Church and attended Richmond University. If not for the Redskins having Sammy Baugh back in the day, Mike would be considered the greatest Redskins punter of all time. He holds many club records including most punts in a season and career as well as post punts downed inside the opponents 10 yards line. Mike was the master of the “coffin corner” kick, a term that you never here anymore in today’s game. Mike’s stellar career earned him a spot on the 70 Greatest Redskins team. Happy 63rd Mr. Bragg.


Happy birthday Kelvin Bryant. Kelvin played 5 seasons for the Redskins from 1986-1990. He was a great 3rd down and receiving back for most of his career with the Redskins. He also got the chance to be the feature guy in 88’ and performed well in the role till a neck injury cut his season and ultimately his career short. Kelvin averaged over 40 catches and nearly 850 yards from scrimmage from 86-88, despite injuries and strikes limiting him to just 10 games per year. Kelvin has an amazing career at UNC, where he had 3 consecutive seasons of 1,000+ yards rushing and was named one of the ACC’s Top 50 players of all-time. Kelvin is also on the USFL’s all-time team. Kelvin averaged 1,350 yards rushing and 14 TD’s during his 3 years in the USFL and was named the league’s MVP in 83’.Kelvin was one of my favorites. Happy 49th Mr. Bryant.

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009

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