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Fred Davis’ Ear Is Jacked

Say hello to my little friend

Somehow I’ve never noticed the growth on Fred Davis’ left ear lobe…it’s pretty disturbing. It can’t be cauliflowered from wrestling. It’s larger than a mole and smaller than a penis…wtf is that?

One thing I do know, it looks like it hurts, it hurts me to look at it. I’m sure that thing would warrant a medical marijuana prescription in certain states.

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Fred Davis’ Guaranteed $$ Is Going Up In Smoke

Or 6 victories a season?

A report surfaced last Sunday that 11 NFL Players had tested positive under the NFL’s drug policy shortly after the lockout ended. To date, only 2 of the players have been publicly identified and they’re both Redskins. ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to report that Trent Williams and Fred Davis had tested positive for “recreational drugs”. Recreational drugs do not fall under the same category as performance enhancing drugs…so I’m going to make an educated guess that the drug in question is marijuana. Fred Davis was using his offseason to practice running his puff, puff…pass routes.

Now, here’s what’s disturbing to me, and it’s not that Fred Davis (may have) smoked some weed during the lockout. What’s peculiar is that the story was broke by Mike Shanahan‘s go to guy in the media, Adam Schefter. Shanahan and Shefter have a long relationship that dates back to the 90′s when Schefter covered the Broncos for the Denver Post. Schefter even authored Shanny’s book ‘Think Like A Champion’ and word is when Schefter breaks Redskins news it’s directly from Shanahan. Schefter and Shanny are so tight that they are rumored to vacation together. So, did Shanny sell out his own players? It’s reasonable to believe given the history between Schefter and Shanny and the fact that none of the other 9 players who tested positive have been identified.

What reason would Shanny have to leak this information? Well…Fred Davis will be a free agent after this year and he’s having a breakout season. Fred Davis stands to make a lot of money. Leaking this information puts up a smoke screen (serious pun intended) that could scare off potential suitors. If Davis is enrolled the leagues substance program and is a strike away from being suspended for a period of time teams may shy away from signing him or overpaying for him. My guess is this leak will at the very least cost Davis several million dollars in guaranteed money.

It’s not as if this would be below Shanahan to do. He had no problems airing dirty laundry about Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth. Just last week Shanahan publicly took a shot at Anthony Armstrong stating that if he couldn’t start separating in press coverage it was time for him to start coaching. I’m not sure it’s time for Armstrong to start coaching but I do believe it’s time for Shanahan to start concentrating more on coaching and less on playing mind games with his players and the media.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Jan 14-16: Happy Birthdays

Happy birthday Fred Davis. “Sleepy” or “boozie” just finished his 2nd season as a Redskin. Fred stepped up after Cooley went on IR and finished the season with 48receptions and 6 TD’s. Fred showed improvement in his blocking and ability to gain extra YAC. Fred was the 2007 Mackey Award winner as the nation’s top tight end while at USC, where he was originally recruited to play WR…might explain that YAC stuff. It would appear that the Redskins have a serious offensive weapon if they can utilize Cooley and Fred at the same time…I look forward to seeing that. Happy 24th Mr. Davis.

Happy birthday Stephon Heyer. Stephon just wrapped up his 3rd season as an offensive tackle with the Redskins. Stephon started all 16 games and has appeared in 37 games during his career. Stephon came to the Redskins from Maryland as an undrafted free agent. While at Maryland Stephon appeared in 50 games. Happy 26th Mr. Heyer.

Happy birthday Shawn Barber. Shawn played 4 seasons at outside linebacker for the Redskins from 1998-2001, he wore #59. Shawn came to the Redskins as a 4th round pick out of Richmond University. Shawn appeared in 49 games as a Redskin, accumulating 281tackles, 3 INT’s and 3 sacks. His best season came in 99’ when he appeared in all 16 games for the NFC East Champions and had 148 tackles. Shawn retired after the 2007 season, his 10th in the NFL. In retirement Shawn got into coaching and is the running backs coach at Baker University. Happy 35th Mr. Barber.

Happy birthday Delino Deshields. Delino wore #11 and played 3 seasons for the Orioles from 1999-01. Primarily a second baseman, Delino also played some OF for the Orioles and appeared in 305 games during his O’s tenure, batting .269. Delino’s best season as an Oriole came in 00’ when he batted .296-10-86 and stole 37 (thirty-seven!) bases. Delino retired in 2002 after 13 seasons and 1,548 hits and 463 stolen bases. In retirement Delino founded the Urban Baseball League (with Oil Can Boyd) and got into coaching. In 2009 he was the hitting coach for the Billings Mustangs in the Reds organization. Delino also has a son (Delino Jr.) who is a nationally recruited RB out of Georgia. Happy 41st Mr. Deshields.

Happy birthday Don Maclean. Don wore #34 adn played 3 seasons at forward with the Bullets from 92-95. Don came to the Bullets in exchange for John “Hot Plate” Williams. While at UCLA, Don broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record for career points. As a Bullet Don appeared in 176 games, averaging 12.5ppg and 4.3rpg. His best season came in 93-93 when he averaged 18.2ppg and 6.2rpg and was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player. Don was traded to the Nuggets in 95’ in exchange for Robert Pack. Don retired after the 2000-01 season, a season in which he tested positive for steroids. This led to the famous Charles Barkley quote “I’ve seen Don Maclean naked, he ain’t on steroids.” In retirement Don is an analyst for UCLA basketball games. Happy 40th Mr. Maclean.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, January 15, 2010

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