Super Bowl Picks

Here’s my breakdown on the Division Championship games today. My picks are not so much who I think is going to win, it’s whom I’m rooting for. I mean, who really wants to see an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl? I’d rather watch a marathon of “Real Housewives” with my wife for 6 hours. Besides the hate factor I have for a couple of these teams, I usually like to pull for the underdog, so things are set up quite nicely today.
Eagles (-3.5) @ Cardinals
There are so many thing I hate about the Eagles, I could spend an entire post on that subject. I want them to lose and Mcnabb to get benched, that would be cool. They have done a nice job pulling themselves together after that Ravens game, losing only to the Redskins. If the week after the Ravens game wasn’t a Thursday night game, the Kolb era may have began in Philly. Weird how things work out sometimes.

There are so many things to like about the Cardinals. Kurt Warner was thrown to the scrap pile several years ago. Now he’s playing like an MVP again, on the wrong side of 30. He didn’t get a new contract before the season, so he now has the chance to ride off into the sunset a Super Bowl winner again, or get a big fat payday from someone. Anquan Bolding didn’t get a new contract as well. All he’s done is have an All-Pro type of year while playing thru a torn hamstring, sore knee, AND BROKEN FACE! I think it may be time for the Cards to re-consider his deal. You also have Russ Grimm coaching the Offensive line. He could be headed to the Super Bowl, elected into the Hall, and hired as a head coach all in one week! You also have Edgerrin James, benched for a young rookie for several games. The Cards basically said he was done, but he’s come back and played extremely well in becoming an integral part of the Cards offense.

And, how much fun would Matt Leinert have here in Tampa? With all our local universities and strip clubs, it will be like an adult Chuck E Cheese for him!

Ravens @ Steelers (-6)
I have to pull for Crabtown, Charm City, my 3rd hometown. There Defense has been unreal, especially for a Defense that’s pretty old. They got a rookie Head Coach paired with a rookie Quarterback, that combination has never made it to the Super Bowl. And they have that boxer from Notre Dame returning kicks, he’s awesome! The only thing that scares me is Ray Lewis’s posse rolling into Tampa.

As far as the Steelers go, I can’t stand em. Hines Ward does throw some awesome blocks, but half the time it’s illegal, or the defensive player is defenseless. He then gets that smile on his face that I wish someone would knock off. Their coach acts like Martin Lawrence on the sideline. I want to run a #2 thru Troy Polamalu’s hair. On top of all this, I do not want to see a bunch of Steelers flags and terrible towels everywhere I look down here in Tampa. I’ve had enough of that for one year.

Go Cards and Ravens!
Cheers and Hail
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