NFL: Week 4 In Review

Fatpickle’s NFL Week in review posts are 1 sentence thoughts on each NFL team. Sometimes a guest joins me, this week I’m solo, last week I skipped it all together. I suck.


NYG A couple weeks ago I said they may not make the playoffs; wrong…they win at least 11 games, F me to tears.

PHI Mcribb better get healthy fast…or risk losing his job, especially since he’s the 3rd best QB on the roster.

DAL The Cowboys should never ever throw the football when all their RB’s are healthy, period.

WAS Zorn’s been around the West Coast offense for nearly 20 years, same amount of time I’ve been with my wife. I don’t need an “extra set of eyes,” to know what offensive plays to run on her.


MIN My hatred of this team is growing like the ugly beard on Brad Childress’s face.

GB This team would be so much better if they could just protect Rodgers.

CHI Jay Cutler and Nuke Laloosh may be the same person.

DET Stafford can have a great career throwing the high ball to those Johnsons.


NO At least Reggie Bush can score with Kim Kardashian.

ATL This team just seems blah this year.

TB Why not look to the future with your #1 pick (Freeman?)

CAR There’s a Cajun word down on the bayou that describes Delhomme…sucks.


SF Is Vernon Davis blossoming?

SEA This team goes nowhere without a healthy Hasselback, I mean beck.

ARI I wonder if Boldin’s brother tweets. I’d like to hear what Boldin thinks about his looks.

STL The greatest turd on turf.


NYJ Good defense, hardnosed coach, good running game…that’s how you win in the NFL.

NE Stealing other teams information…that’s how you win Super Bowls in the NFL.

BUF I think T.O. is keeping himself together pretty well, considering…

MIA The feel good story of last season seems long ago and far away.


BAL Still the team to beat in the AFC.

CIN Playoffs…uh no!

PIT Wow…does Polamalu make a difference on that D!

CLE Mangini’s autobiography should be titled “How To Not Win Games While Alienating Your Players.”


IND It’s a given that they start each year by winning 8 or 10 in a row.

JAC Wow, they could end up being 6-2…then finish 7-9.

HOU I don’t think this team will ever be able to take the next step.

TEN After 4 weeks of picking them to win, they now could start 0-8. Ramsey or Young?


DEN Ugliest 4-0 team ever? Can the Royal Baller get some touches?

SD Norv and Zorn have the same postgame speech. “We’re getting better; we just need to make a couple plays.” Uh, Norv…the Chargers were 14-2 before you got there.

OAK The QB is completing 39% of his passes and the Coach might be going to jail. Al Davis is unaware about any of this.

KC Look at it this way KC, you’re not as bad as the Rams.

Cheers and Hail

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