Porkboy 46: What A Weekend

Fatpickle’s note: Please welcome Porkboy46 as a regular contributor to Fatpickled. Porkboy comes to us with an awesome resume. He has logged thousands of hours in front of a TV forming his opinions on athletes and sports. His writing experience consists of emails and letters to Donovan Mcnabb, Terrell Owens, and Andre Rison.. and that’s pretty much his literary background. His brain has turned to shit, and this is the kind of shit he’s going to share with you. Welcome aboard!
I read a small piece in SI and it talked about the decision by the Cardinals to go back to Edgerrin James for more carries because they wanted to be more balanced on offense. The big reason was negative carries. They experienced 3 times more negative carries when Hightower was the starter. Negative carries are runs that loose yardage, giving you 2nd and 12, and 2nd and 13 situations. Those are never good, but even worse in the playoffs. The situation reminded me of when that pissbag quarterback Scott Mitchell left Detroit and went to Baltimore. He was asked if it would be tough not having Barry Sanders? His reply was “yeah it will be nice not to have all those 2nd and 13 situations.” You can’t consistently put your offense in 2nd and long and 3rd and long. The back that grinds out a 1 yard or 2 yard gain is keeping his teams options open for the rest of the series. They say that a sack is worth about 3 points because it almost always is a drive stopper. By that logic a running back who constantly dances looking for the home run might be costing his team a point every time he doesn’t trust the hole and get whatever he can get. I have been so impressed with the Cardinals and their whole team make over that they have had in the playoffs!…..Larry Fitzgerald is the truth !

How about Mc-rib (Mcnabb ) giving that look when he got the safety?…. Is this another rule you don’t know about you tool? I did like the phone deal he did on the sideline late in the game, I like it because it again showed what an idiot he is.
What was with Tennessee D-end and those red contacts? Did he think it was going to help him see a fastball better?… All it let him see is his team doing its best impersonation of the Cowboys, lots of penalties and lots of turnovers! Lendale White has got a gut bigger than mine!!
CBS does a mediocre job when they roll out their A team, so a Saturday with their B team really sucked! It was like they had only 2 cameras and hardly any replays. It looked like Flacco stepped out of the endzone and no one noticed it or even replayed it? I was going f’ing nuts! It wasn’t until Sunday morning that ESPN showed that he came close but did not go out of the back of the end zone. They said ” he almost pulled an Orlovsky!”
Next week will be great, all the Baltimore fans that were whining about the goal line call can get a chance to stop them again. However, I think Baltimore loses by 14!
I look forward to seeing the Cards host a conference title game… and rooting against the Eagles! That will be sweet!!

Please post some comments about our articles, we are going to have a random drawing for the people that comment. 1 lucky person will get an autographed picture of me with no shirt on !!!

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