Crab Dribble

Is there something on my chin?

I’ve played and watched a lot of basketball in my time, but this week was the first time I heard the term “crab dribble.” I’m familiar with the “crab walk”, an old school exercise from football practice back in the day. When researching for this post, I learned the urban dictionary meaning for “crabwalk.”(Warning, adult humor)

Basketball wasn’t my sport, although I was an awesome shooter. However, I didn’t enjoy passing the ball or playing defense, sounds like I could have made the NBA!

I do know what a travel is, and I love Lebron James being called for one in the final seconds of a tight game. The Wizards may be terrible this season, but their rivalry with the Cavs is worth watching.

(I’ve watched this several times, he may take 4 steps?)

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