The NFL – That’s the End of the First Quarter

With the NFL regular season 25% finished, I thought it would be a great time to rank the top 20 teams, and give you my thoughts on each. I will do this again after week 8. Obviously, it’s still very early in the season, and no one should be printing playoff tickets just yet. But that’s not to say we have not had an exciting season already, full of excitement and drama. Many questions still remain, more coaches will be fired, more QB’s will be benched. This all goes to show you why the NFL is not only the greatest sport on the planet, it’s more entertaining to watch than any movie or TV show! If the NFL were a movie, no one could ever guess the ending, and the NFL has more plot twists than a M. Night Shyamaland movie.

“I see dead people, and they have stars on their helmets”

I can tell you the next month of this season will feature the BIG BAD NFC EAST beating up on teams like CIN, CLE, DET, SF, and STL.

#1 New York Giants – This pains me to rank them here. They beat 2 teams that have not won a game yet, but they are 3-0 and the defending champs.
#2 Tennessee Titans – They definitely have a top tier Defense that will carry them to the Playoffs. But at some point, it will be Jeff Fischer driving around depressed, because he has Kerry Collins as his QB.
#3 Washington Redskins – Everyone is on notice after last week. A playoff team last year, they are way better this season.
#4 Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys will be fine as long as they are not playing the Skins or a playoff game. Oops, sucks for them!
#5 Buffalo Bills – I don’t know a lot about this team, nor do I care to find out. But, they are 4-0.
#6 Philadelphia Eagles – Big showdown this weekend with the Skins. Ultimately, their playoff chances will hinge on how many games Mcnabb and Westbrook will miss due to injury. I don’t like their chances.
#7 Pittsburgh Steelers – This team is banged up, and they have a tough schedule ahead. I think they win the division with a 9-7 record.
#8 Carolina Panthers – Big match up next week Vs. #9. It’s a coin flip right now between the two.
#9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brian Griese needs to take better care of the ball. I do like him in Fantasy this weekend vs Denver
#10 Denver Broncos – Easily the most exciting team to watch. The defense will have to be better to advance come playoff time.

#11 San Diego Chargers – They are 4 Pt’s away from being 4-0. 2 bad calls away from being 4-0.

#12 Baltimore Ravens – If the D stays healthy, they could challenge the Steelers for the division. Did I really just write that?
#13 New England Patriots – They still are 18-1 in the regular season the past 2 years. I’m anxious to see how Cassel does coming off the bye week, and getting a lot of reps.
#14 Jacksonville Jaguars – This team will take them as far as Taylor and Drew can carry them, not Garrard. Where is the daunting Greg Williams D so far?
#15 Green Bay Packers – There is no such thing as a slight sprain to the throwing shoulder of your starting QB. They have no viable backup, where’s Brett Favre?
#16 New York Jets – He’s the starting QB for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! A bye this week followed by CIN, OAK, KC. That looks as good as Thanksgiving dinner!
#17 New Orleans Saints – The NFC version of the Broncos. Fun to watch, but a lot of things to work on to get to the playoffs.
#18 Indianapolis Colts – They are fading, but they will find a way to make the Playoffs this year. A little more concentration on the running game with Addai will help things.
#19 Chicago Bears – I really like this running back Forte, that was a great pick. Orton on the other hand?? B Lloyd made more big plays in 4 games with the Bears than he did in 2 seasons w/ the Skins.
#20 Minnesota Vikings – I still like this team to contend for the division. It will take a healthy AI the rest of the way.
#20 (tie) San Francisco 49er’s – I also like this team to win a weak division. I still am drinking the Kool-aid on O’Sullivan.
The 21 teams above are the teams that I think still have a chance @ the playoffs. Here are 3 teams that have serious issues!

Oakland Raiders – Why does Al Davis write so many letters, and when did he turn into the Church Lady? Email somebody, or better yet, talk to them face to face. 3 years from now the Raiders will still be a 6-10 team, and Lane Kiffin will be coaching a perennial top 20 college program. Al, may the next letter you write be your resignation letter!

Cincinnati Bengals – Are they really this bad? Did Palmer and Ocho Cinco lose it that quickly? And did they really just pick up another guy with a lengthy criminal record? How about the first time Benson and Henry hit those Kentucky clubs? Lewis is done.
St. Louis Rams – With the seventh pick in the first round, the 22 Swinging Dicks select……Steven Jackson.

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