Redskins TC: Days 7&8 In Review

Question? After a full week of training camp what have we learned?

Answer = The O-line is s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g!

No matter what website, blog or tweet I read…they all report about the O-line problems. The most glaring thing that I took from the much publicized JC Sports Illustrated story was this quote from Zorn, “Late in the year I could not call a slow-developing play downfield because I knew we couldn’t protect Jason.” What…WOW! And what did the Redskins do to fix this issue? Nothing, they signed a D-tackle. Can Haynesworth play offensive tackle? Here’s a few more highlights from the past 2 days:

The offseason progress report of the Skins. (Shutdown Corner)

Chris Cooley can chuck the pigskin 58 yards? TE option pass! (The Cooley Zone)

The dreaded WR hamstring injury(ies.) (Redskins Insider)

Rich Tandler has some valid points in his O-line plan. (Real Redskins)

Mike Williams is not looking so good. (PFT)

The Jason Campbell story from Peter King. (SI)

The hardest working man in the blogging business, Matt Terl, gives us awesome TC coverage and…don’t write ARE off yet. (Redskins Blog)

The best of Twitter days 7 & 8:

@tannercooley Yoder just knocked off Cody glenn’s helmet then stared deep into his eyes

@redskinsblog Prepare for the cult onslaught: Colt Brennan to Santana Moss for a 65yd TD past Smoot.

Cheers and Hail
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