July 31: Happy Bday Gus Frerotte

Happy birthday Gus Frerotte. Who can forget Gus…the man that DC went gaga over, the underdog 7th round pick who beat out the 1st round “stud.” Can you remember back then? Perhaps you had a Frerotte jersey? Maybe you’re a chick reading this blog and you thought Gus was “hot.” In Gus we trusted. He played 5 seasons with the Redskins from 1994-1998. Hard to imagine but Gus has played another 10 years in the league since leaving the Redskins…yep he’s carved out a 15 year NFL career! Gus played in 52 games with the Skins, passing for 9,769 yards and 48 TD’s to go with a Pro Bowl appearance in 96’. Gus started 46 of those games with the Skins, in the 10 years since he’s started 47. In 96’, Gus led the NFL in yards per completion with 13.8 yards per. But, Gus has been a productive QB when given the chance the past couple years; he’s gone 20-10 in his last 30 starts. Gus is currently a free agent, but I having a feeling he’ll land somewhere before the end of training camp. Happy 38th birthday Mr. Frerotte…and thanks for the memories.

Happy birthday Norm Snead. Norm played 3 seasons for the Skins from 1961-63, making the Pro Bowl twice. He started all 42 games during this time and threw 71 interceptions during those 3 years. How does one make 2 Pro Bowls while throwing 50 interceptions? Now that’s another era! But, Norm is best known for being traded for Sonny Jurgensen. We have to thank Norm for that! Norm played 17 seasons in the NFL and made 4 Pro Bowls. In retirement he coach at the Apprentice School in Norfolk, VA. I only mention this because in college I gave up a home run to some guy who was about 5’6” 150lbs who played for the Apprentice School. He hit a bomb off me over the Marlboro Man in left center field at the minor league stadium there in Norfolk. I never threw a fastball again in my college career. Anyway, I’m way off subject here…happy 70th Mr. Snead!
Cheers and Hail
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