LaCanfora/Russell Twitter Banter Yields Interesting Nugget

Jason LaCanfora, current reporter for the NFL Network and former Redskins beat writer, had some interesting things to say in a Twitter feud with current Redskins beat writer stooge Chris Russell.

The topic was the Redskins and while Russell was obviously backing Mike and Kyle Shanahan (Russell is basically a Redskins employee) LaCanfora was against the Shanahan’s personnel decisions to date. In the middle of the back and forth LaCanfora dropped the bombshell above…Trent Williams has 11 failed drug tests since August!

11 failed test in 3 months…that’s a problem. Who’s Williams’ roomate, Rashaan Salaam? There’s no reason any fan should count on Williams being a part of this team moving forward. Another failed test and he’s banned for a year, and LaCanfora’s reporting he failed 11 this season.

Looks like we need another left tackle to go with a franchise quarterback.

Cheers and Hail

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