Joe Gibbs Likes Blazing Saddles

Wondering what Joe Gibbs has been up to since his retirement from the Redskins? Well, he’s certainly keeping busy with his NASCAR teams and spending quality time with his family…this much we know. However, did you ever imagine that in his spare time Joe likes to kick back, relax and watch one of his favorite movies, ‘Blazing Saddles’?

Gibbs has a website called Gameplan For Life which is modeled after his book of the same name. It’s actually a pretty cool site that is very interactive and inspirational. Joe will even send you a free Bible…I know this because I got a Bible in the mail from Joe.

I was amazed when I logged onto the site and read one of Joe’s “Life Purpose Top 10’s” which happened to be his list of all-time best westerns. What should I see listed as #10? One of the most politically incorrect and racists movies I’ve ever seen, the aforementioned ‘Blazing Saddles’. In no way can I picture Joe cackling in his all too familiar laugh watching the fart scene while sitting around in his home theatre…try as I may.

It appears that Gibbs has several bloggers that write posts for his site. And even though the post says it was posted by Joe Gibbs I’m sure someone else wrote it…but who edits his website?

I’m also trying to figure out the “life purpose” to take away from this movie?

Cheers and Hail

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