Malcolm Kelly’s Career Highlights

Malcolm Kelly’s potential is on full display in the above video, his 6’4”220lb frame rambling 84 yards down the field on a little go route. Of course he doesn’t score and he nearly fumbles at the end of the play. Fact is that 6’4” frame never caught a TD pass in a Redskins uniform…despite being targeted many times on fade patterns and jump balls in the red zone. The sad truth is the video above is the entire highlight reel of Kelly’s Redskins career. 6 seconds of excitement to go along with 3 years of frustration.

Besides the 84 yarder against the Chargers, Kelly would catch just 27 more receptions for 281 yards and zero touchdowns….barely 10 yards per reception. Injuries kept him off the field for the greater part of his 3 years in DC. Yet, that potential is still there and the Redskins and their fans are still wondering if that potential will ever translate into greatness on the field.

Kelly will go down as a bust for the Redskins but it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to put it all together and remain healthy for an entire season. The only questions now is will he be able to do it and what uniform will he be wearing when he does?

Cheers and Hail

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