RJ: Training Camp Day 25

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Dash woke up 1 minute before my alarm clock went off and decided to climb all over my face. I didn’t mind though. BEST ALARM CLOCK EVER. (=

Went to meetings, this week is a little weird because we play the Ravens on a Thursday. So we had to treat today like a normal week Wednesday, plus try to watch the game film from 2days ago.
Practice went well. I’m excited to play these guys. One of my boys plays over there. We came to the Saints the same year, and been kew ever since.
After practice ended I watched film, hit the weights, and noticed I had a tweet from wifey saying im “gonna be mad when I see the bruise Dash gave himself”.. So once I came home, I found out he pulled his night stand over and it fell on top of him, I started laughing trying to picture it. lol

O yeah, Landry challenged me to a race. Im not one to turn down a good challenge. So Im gonna put the wheels on him. We haven’t set a date yet. lol

Atogwe and D.Hall want me to make them a C.D with my songs from my laptop. I keep tryiN to tell them just put it on the ipod, but they wanna be difficult and use C.D’s, so I’m gonna wait til they bring me a CD to burn it on. (IT’S 2011) lol..


Took a long nap with Dash while wifey went grocery shoppiN.

Watched a movie in the Man Cave w/ Dash and Wifey before bed.

“Sucker Punch”
#ShowtimeMovieCritics: 1 out of 4 #stars.. (quality Dvd rental. It challenges you to think outside the box to figure out what’s going on.)

This movie isn’t for everyone.

Ready for practice tomorrow. Football is fun again. (=

Goodnight. #DREAMINabout: “#LADDERS” I’m built to reach things that are out of reach for others…” ~$HOWTIME

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