The Six Degrees Of Fatpickled

Six Degrees of Fatpickled is a rundown of 6 items that I have enjoyed. Make sure you check them out.

The Washington Times have been conducting a countdown of the 20 greatest players in Gary Williams 20 years at Maryland. They confirm what I’ve said all along, #1 Juan Dixon. (Wash Times)

A Michael Jackson tribute from where else…the Washington Redskins. Play the video in this post and if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face get a douche or an enema. (Redskins Blog)

A Billy Mays tribute. Please, please, please watch the Orangle Glo video. “I love beautiful wood, don’t you?” (Gunaxin) (via Hot Clicks)

Here’s a video from the locker room of the 1982 NFC Champion Washington Redskins…ahh the glory days. (Hogs Haven)

From NESW SPORTS, The Top 10 Sports Movies That Make Men Cry. I personally am ok during most of these except Hoosiers(a small tear, when Hackman tells the team he loves them,) and Field Of Dreams(a big cry, when Costner has a catch with his dad.)

Cheers and Hail

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