Horrendous Redskins Shirt

A couple of months ago I held a contest to see if anyone owned an uglier Redskins shirt than the one that I personally own. While no one brought enough to the table to take the title from me then, I may have just stumbled upon a contender…

The shirt above celebrates the Redskins 1991 Super Bowl victory…although it’s hard to tell that with all the business going on here. We got newspaper headlines (that tell nothing) mixed up in a tie-dye/hip-hop collage…there are no words I have for this. I concede victory.

Would you like to be the proud owner of this shirt? It can be yours for the low-low “buy it now” price for $49.95 via Ebay auction. Imagine how much attention you’d get at the next Redskins tailgate party…I’ll wear my shirt and meet you there.

Cheers and Hail

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