Favorite Player To Hate: Donovan Mcnabb

Choking on the Super Bowl?

Choking on the Super Bowl?

This is one in a series of posts that I am writing about my favorite things. What’s your favorite things? Tell me in the comments section or email me from the main page of the site.

My favorite player to hate is Donovan Mcnabb. A pretty impressive feat by Mcnabb…beating out Terrell Owens, who’s played for both the Cowboys and Eagles in recent years. But, Mcnabb (to be referred to from now on in this post as Mcribb,) just irks me in too many ways.

A great point for me is the recent contract Mcribb just signed. How does an aging Quarterback with declining skills and can’t win the big game get a new contract? Was there a clause in his old deal that if he bounced more than 50 passes at his receivers feet last season, they’d renegotiate?

I hate the way he looks in a uniform. I hate the way he passes and runs. I hate his website and the stupid things he says in the media and on his blog. I hate that the one year that I went against every thought I’ve ever had and decided to draft him in fantasy football, he got hurt and played like shit.

I hate the way the media says the Eagles need some Wide Receiver weapons for Mcribb. Philly is where WR’s go to die, and they die with a football at their ankles. I hate his Chunky soup commercials, fuck… he’s even made me hate Chunky soup.

Apologies to T.O., Michael Irvin, and pretty much any player who’s played for the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, or Yankees.

Cheers and Hail

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