Reggie Jones Is Really Good At Madden

Reggie Jones was our special guest last week on Pickled Hogs Radio. The Redskins snapped Jones off the Saints practice squad late last year with eyes on him being a contributor in 2011…more on that at the bottom of the post.

Towards the end of our interview Ken Meringolo of Hogs Haven asked Reggie about his Madden game. Turns out Reggie played in a league with other NFL players including several Redskins and Maurice Jones-Drew. A warning to gamers out there…MJD might be sore loser. Here’s Reggie talking about playing in MJD’s league:

I actually played against Horton and Kareem and they probably don’t want me to tell this, but I was in their dynasty. They invited me to dynasty, Jones-Drew was the commissioner and I ran thru every single person in that dynasty. I went undefeated. I was beating people, like 78 to 3 and 120 to 10…you know I was blowing them out. So, I win the Super Bowl and then I go back to start the new season and I see I’m kicked out the league. So, then I’m thinking, who does that? Who invites new competition in, then kicks them out once they realize that they can’t beat them? That’s not cool.

As far as Jones chances on the field, I’m telling you all now…remember his name. Jones already has a Super Bowl ring with the Saints and has learned under coaches like Gregg Williams and Jerry Glanville. He’s got a positive attitude, he’s working hard and his goal is to be a starter next season. Here’s what Reggie had to say about the upcoming season:

I was told when I came in, I’m gonna come in competing for the starting spot at corner and I plan on putting in the work I need to put in to go ahead and take that spot. I mean, there’s a lot of talented guys on the roster at that position but I’m also talented and I feel like I’m gonna excel and go ahead and work myself into that #1 position alongside D-Hall on the other side.

You can listen to the entire interview below, and tune in tonight at 9pm for a new live show.

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Cheers and Hail

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