Your Caddyshack Cast Is Revealed

(special thanks to Oliver Morris for the great photoshop work)

The votes were tallied and the results are in. We have successfully cast the remake of Caddyshack (now lets hope they never remake it!). A few surprises if you ask me, my picks are in quotation marks. This also allows me the chance to post more pictures of Cuthbert and Fox, enjoy.

Ty Webb – The biggest surprise in my opinion, Paul Rudd edged out Will Ferrell by 1%. I never knew there were so many Rudd fans out there. (Ferrell)

Judge Smails – The majority agreed that Christopher Walken was a natural fit. (Walker)

Al Czervick – Vince Vaughn won by the largest margin. (Vaughn)

Carl Spackler – John C Reilly is your winner, how can we have him but no Ferrell? (Jim Carey)

Danny Noonan – Michael Cera by 1% over Justin Timberlake, are you kidding me? (Timberlake)

Maggie O’Hooligan – Megan Fox needs to work on her Irish accent. (Kunis)

Lacey Underall – I’m not going to complain about Elisha Cuthbert winning, but I think I omitted a natural Lacey…Kate Hudson. (Cuthbert)

Dr. Beeper – Jason Bateman wins the popular vote. (Richard Jenkins, looks just like him)

Lou Loomis – Jon Favreau, probably my 4th choice. (Danny Mcbride…does nobody watch East Bound & Down?)

Spaulding Smails – Jon Heder, born to play this role. (Heder)

Thanks for playing along everybody.

Cheers and Hail
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