Beer, Sausage, and Terrible Towels

After 48 Hours of football, several meals involving sausage, a couple of 12 packs, and a tough Redskin’s loss, I have a lot on my mind. Here are some of my thoughts from Week 9.
First of all a plea to my fellow Redskin’s fans. Do not sell your tickets to an opposing team’s fans! To see 30,000 Steeler’s fans waving terrible towels is disheartening. If you can’t attend the game, or need a few bucks, sell your ticket to a Redskin fan. We got 150,000 people on the season ticket waiting list. I’m pretty sure you can find a willing buyer who is not wearing a Romo, Mcnabb, or Manning jersey.

Running the spread or the wildcat offense is a fad that will not last. You may be able to surprise a team with it once in a while to get a big play. But if you center your offense around it and defenses have time to prepare for it, it’s not going to work.

2 months ago I would have described Chad Pennington and Brad Johnson the very same. No arm strength, immobile, and very little left in the tank. I can tell you now that I was wrong about Pennington, and that description of Johnson would have been to flattering.

Jay Cutler reminds me of Nuke Laloosh. He’s got a gun, but has no control over it. He misses high, low, left and right. But man can he fling it.

The Tuck rule. I know there already is a tuck rule, but you got to listen to me on this one. Justin Tuck, block him, block him with 3 people. The man is a beast. If you are a QB do not step up in the pocket when feeling pressure. Scramble outside the pocket.

The Titans are the classic example that a great defense and a solid running game are the ingredients to be successful in the NFL. Not wildcat formations and throwing the ball 40-50 times a game. They have Vodka Collins as their QB and they are 8-0!

Was Romo that good, or is Johnson and Bollinger that bad?

Do you remember how bad Kurt Warner was from 2002-2006? What a comeback.

Derek Anderson would still have a job if Edwards and Winslow didn’t drop so many (key) passes.

Jacksonville and Denver have to be the biggest disappointments so far. (I’ll give Dallas a pass due to injuries)

And finally, da Raiders. I would take the Division III Mount Union Purple Raiders against this Raiders team. The Raiders organization needs a complete douching, starting at the top. This team has no direction, no leadership, and no one to build around. Somewhere Lane Kiffin is smiling as he sorts thru all the college coaching offers rolling in.

Cheers and Hail
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