The Six Degrees Of Fatpickled


Six Degrees of Fatpickled is a weekly rundown of 6 items that I have enjoyed. Make sure you check them out.

Cooley writes a post about all the things that a man enjoys about being a man. Going to Home Depot to buy power tools, check. Burning shit for fun, check. Drinking beers around your pool watching chicks in bikinis, check. Getting ticks on your sack? well yeah, check.

And to you Chris, which pool party am I invited to? Demetric Evans is loaning me his speedo!


For those of you who follow my blog, I hope you have all checked out my link to The Fat White Guy. His real name is Rob Lunn and he’s playing professional football overseas. Besides having his own site, Rob writes for about a 1,000 others including guests spots on Cooley and Deadspin. Truth is Rob is not fat, not bald, appears to be very smart, funny, and has a good looking girlfriend (what an asshole.) Anyway, the 2 posts that FWG wrote for Deadspin have been awesome. The Nigerian whore story had me thinking of the Farley clip at the bottom of this post.


The Redskins start a minicamp tomorrow, so today was class pictures. If you want the inside scoop of whats going on at Redskins Park, you need to follow The Official Washington Redskins Blog. And how about the picture of recently signed O-Tackle Mike Williams? He stands 6’6″ and currently weighs 404lbs! He makes Samuels look like the Danny!


Everyday, Monday-Friday, I visit Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks. It’s part of the Extra Mustard section. I Love it! It’s a daily collection of links to cool stories, blogs, videos, and hot chicks! The subjects vary from sports to pop culture, tv to music. Jimmy Traina is the mastermind behind it all. And he’s a smart mf’er, because he linked Fatpickled on Wednesday!


Several stories to check out at Mr. Irrelevant’s DMV. Boog Powell, Smoot Smack, and “The jewish Jordan.”

Cheers and Hail

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