Redskins Draft: Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

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Let me start out by saying that I’m happy with the Redskins 2010 draft. I’m not overly excited and I don’t think this years draft is in any danger of being confused with 1981’s haul…but it was a good solid 7. It will be a couple of seasons before we truly know how any of the players drafted will pan out in the NFL but it’s never too early to scrutinize the picks, that’s where I come in. It’s the could’ve had this player, should’ve drafted this guy and would’ve drafted him if I were running the draft post.

Rd 1 pick 4 Trent Williams OT
Could’ve had…any player not named Bradford, Suh or McCoy

This is the pick that will face the most scrutiny but they needed an O-lineman and they drafted one, props for that. Okung was on the board and these 2 players will be linked as pros.

Rd 2 pick 37 Donovan McNabb QB
Could’ve had…Sergio Kindle OLB

You don’t take a project like McNabb with the 5th pick…oh wait, that was an Eagles fan 11 years ago. So we didn’t really draft McNabb, but we traded this pick for him. I’d rather have McNabb than any other QB that was available in this year’s draft, great pick. Kindle would be a great complement to Orakpo and the Skins need linebackers for the 3-4 defense that they are switching to. Instead, Kindle goes to the Ravens who know a thing or two about the linebackers and the 3-4 defense.

Rd 3 pick 68 Jeremy Jarmon DT
Could’ve had…Morgan Burnett S

Jarmon was a supplemental pick last season who produced 8 tackles in 11 games last season before tearing his ACL. Jarmon has potential and may see time at OLB and DE in 2010. Burnett is a “ball hawking safety w/ range to cover sideline to sideline.” I think the Skins need a player fitting that description.

Perry Riley

Rd 4 pick 103 Perry Riley LB
Could’ve had…Bruce Campbell OT

Riley has a legitimate chance to start and the Skins needed LB’s so I’m good with this pick. Campbell is a “workout warrior” who stock skyrocketed during the combine…why is it always Maryland players who rise so much during the combine? Vernon Davis, Heyward-Bey, Al Davis fell for it again. Campbell is a project, but he was originally thought to be a 1st round pick, so he was a great value pick here.

Rd 5 pick 135 Adam Carriker DT
Could’ve had…Perrish Cox CB

Another trade with the Redskins receiving Carriker, a former 1st round pick of the Rams just 3 years ago. Carriker missed all of last season and hasn’t played well when healthy. The Skins need help at CB and didn’t draft any, Cox would’ve been nice here.

Dennis Morris

Rd 6 pick 174 Dennis Morris TE
Could’ve had…Jonathan Dwyer RB

Morris will play FB/TE/HB for the Skins and appears to be a bad-ass blocker and special teams player, which may spell the end for Mike Sellers. However, Morris was not ranked in the top 50 TE’s entering the draft and may have been available with one of the 7th round picks. Dwyer was ranked as one of the best RB’s available but his stock dropped because of a positive test for weed (Randy Moss, Warren Sapp.) Dwyer would have been a steal here and a great addition to a crowded, but old, backfield.

Rd 7 pick 219 Terrance Austin WR
Could’ve had…George Selvie DE/OLB

Don’t know a lot about Morris but he’s supposed to excel in the return game and the Skins are certainly lacking in that area. Selvie was projected to be a top 15 pick had he came out after junior year, but the poor bastard returned to school, faced double and triple teams and watched Jason Pierre-Paul steal his thunder and his $$. You can’t tell me a guy drops from top 15 to nearly undrafted in 1 season, especially one who hasn’t suffered injury. He would have been a great pick as an OLB/DE hybrid in the 3-4.

Rd 7 pick 229 & 231 Eric Cook C, Selvish Capers OL
Could’ve had…WTF cares at this point?

However I hope Capers holds out so I can say, “that Selvish bastard needs to get in camp.” “Selvish bastard needs to stop thinking about himself.” Oh Selvish…the possibilities are endless.

Cheers and Hail

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