Top 10 Interview Meltdowns

I love a classic head coaches post game interview meltdown. Both Singletary and Zorn has some minor flare-ups this weekend, and it got me thinking. What is the greatest interview meltdown ever? Well first off, what constitutes a meltdown? Usually it takes a poor performance by the coaches team, a pissed off coach, a stupid question by a reporter, and a few F-bombs. So, I have compiled my top 10 meltdowns. This is a coaches only category, no athletes, Gm’s, or owners.

Warning – some of the links contain angry middle-aged men dropping f-bombs, it’s funny stuff but turn your speakers down if your at work!

#10 Kevin Borseth – He addressed the media after addressing the Michigan Women’s B-ball team. I was scared watching him in the interview, I can’t imagine how the girls felt.

#9 Bob KnightHe has given us so much material it’s impossible to pick just one. Here he is explaining his favorite word.

#8 Mike GundyHis intentions start out good, trying to defend one of his players. Somewhere in the interview he turned into Gny. Sgt. Hartman.

#7 Dennis GreenMaybe it’s wrong, but every time I watch this I think of Gary Coleman getting angry.

#6 Tommy LasordaAnother guy who can fill up an hour of your time on youtube. The word that got Crash Davis thrown out of the game in Bull Durham is very prevalent here.

#5 Earl WeaverMy favorite manager of all time. Whether this was scripted, a practical joke, or real, it’s funny. Alice Sweet where are you?

#4 John ChaneyThis one features Chaney going into another coaches interview and threatens to kill him. We’re covering new ground here.

#3 Jim MoraFrom the man that brought you “diddly poo”. One of the most imitated interviews “playoffs?”. Do you like random triangles on your shirts?

#2 Hal McraeOnce again we are breaking new ground here, drawing blood. Check out Hal in his long johns and the reporter walking out of the office with blood dripping from his cheek. “Now put that in your pipe and smoke it”.

#1 Lee EliaThe mother of all breakdowns. He doesn’t bitch about the media or the team, but the fans! Less than a month into the season he delivered this doozy. It was so good he was invited back to Chicago last year for a reunion. “85% of the world is working, the other 15% come out here”.

Cheers and Hail

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