Update 4/5/10 01:11PM I am now drinking the kool-aid and fully in on this trade. The Redskins are a better team, the playoffs are realistic.

Really…the Redskins? No Shit?

Confused? Depressed? Numb? Dumbfounded…words cannot express my thoughts on the Donovan McNabb trade. Are the Redskins better? Yes, they probably are, but I’m in need of a support group.

I hate Donovan McNabb, I’m on record many times documenting my hatred. And at this point…right now…I still hate him. I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like someone close to me has done something very evil. Why would your division rival trade you “the greatest player in the history of their franchise?”

I have an analogy for that. My good friend once bought a new high-def TV and had his old projection big screen still in his basement. In passing he told me it could be mine…for free, all I had to do was pick it up and take it away. Sure, the TV was a little older, but it was big, and I had watched it back in the day and it had performed well. My roommate and I picked up this big awkward TV and took it to our house. Once we got the thing in the house and fired it up, we realized we had a huge hunk of trash taking up precious space in the living room. Meanwhile, my buddy had gotten rid of his trash and was sitting at home enjoying his new TV.

Photo via SuperSkin Defender’s FB page

Other thoughts about the trade:

Colt Brennan needs to sell #5 for as much cash as he can possibly get! Milk McNabb for all it’s worth….the QB position is getting very crowded, it may be Colt’s severance pay.

McNabb is set to be introduced on Tuesday, the same day Sam Bradford is visiting.

The Redskins have an awesome roster, if it was 2005.

Winning fixes everything.

Does Donovan know the new overtime rules?

Cheers and Hail

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