Redskins Greatest Draft Picks Round By Round

” Draft me, I’ll take care of this little problem for the next 20 years!”
The NFL draft is upon us and the question is whom will the Redskins take in the first round? There is plenty of speculation about that going around. I decided to take a look back and choose my choices for the Redskins best picks, based upon the round they were drafted in. My picks are based from the 1980 draft on, since I’ve only been following football since that time. Also, my picks are based off how the players performed during their time with the Skins. So if they drafted a player that became a star somewhere else, they do not qualify. The Skins have also signed some UFA’s that made a significant contribution during that time and I’ll touch on them at a later date.

Rd 1 1983 Darrell Green CB Texas A&M
Played 20 seasons and 295 games with the Skins. 7 time Pro Bowler was first ballot HOF and one of the best ever at his position. 2 Super Bowl rings.
Honorable mention – Art Monk

Rd2 1999 Jon Jansen RT Michigan
Reliable lineman entering 9th season, started 120+ games

Rd3 1981 Russ Grimm G Pitt
4 Time Pro Bowler, 3 Super Bowl titles, Head Hog for 11 season
Honorable mention – Chris Cooley (could overtake Grimm with a couple more solid seasons,) Charles Mann

Rd4 1996 Steven Davis RB Auburn
Shook off the Michael Westbrook fight to become one of the NFL’s best backs for a brief period. Over 7 seasons he totaled nearly 7,000 yd’s and 48 Td’s.

Rd5 1981 Dexter Manley DE Oklahoma St
9 seasons and 2 Super Bowl wins. 91.5 sacks during that period and he was one of the most dominating defensive players of his era.
Honorable Mention – Brian Mitchell

Rd6 1986 Mark Rypien QB Washington St
1991 NFL & Super Bowl MVP played 6 seasons with the Skins. Threw for 15,000+ yds and totaled 109 TD’s. 2 Time Pro Bowler.
Honorable Mention – Ed Simmons

Rd7 1994 Gus Frerotte QB Tulsa
“In Gus we trust.” Underdog overtook Heath Schuler for starting QB and played 5 seasons for DC. Did make the Pro Bowl in 1996 and threw for nearly 10,000 yds and 51 Td’s.
Honorable Mention – Rock Cartwright (still playing could overtake Frerotte)

Rd8 1986 Kurt Gouveia LB BYU
Amassed 573 tackles with 7 Int’s during his 9 seasons with the Skins. 2 Super Bowl Rings.
Honorable Mention – Barry Wilburn

Rd9 1981 Darryl Grant G Rice
Played in over 140 games spanning 10 seasons. Started 3 Super Bowls, and scored INT return for TD in 1982 NFC Championship vs. Cowboys. Several 100+ tackle seasons.

Rd10 1989 Mark Schlereth G Idaho
“Stinky” played 75 games over 6 seasons winning a title in 1991.

Rd11 1985 Raleigh Mckenzie G Tennessee
Reliable lineman played in 144 games over 10 seasons with Skins, winning 2 titles.

Rd12 1981 Clint Dider WR Portland St
Played 6 seasons and won 2 Super Bowls with the Skins. 129 receptions and 19 Td’s.
Honorable Mention – Keenan Mccardle

Cheers and Hail

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