Dan and Vinny Are Giving JC The Dirty Sanchez

I’d like to squash that half a motherf&%ker!

It’s true…and it’s like Ron Jeremy delivered the dirty sanchez. It’s ridiculous the way the brain trust of the Skins are treating Jason Campbell. Dan and Vinny have gotten around more the past couple of weeks than Paris Hilton does on a Vegas trip.

A quick recap of the “relationship” that JC is in:

With only one year left on his original contract, the Skins let him know that they will not be offering him a new deal before the season. This is the equivalent of your girlfriend telling you to not buy those airline tickets for both of you to fly to your hometown for Christmas…let’s wait and see what happens.

After denying that they have any interest at all in Jay Cutler, they tried to trade JC plus a couple #1′s for him. This is the equivalent of your girlfriend denying she’s seeing anyone else. Meanwhile, she’s texting some “party dude” for a late night booty call. After random dude bangs her out, she comes back apologizing to you.

Dan and Vinny then meet with JC to clear the air, said meeting provides the “we’re cool” media responses. Meanwhile, Byron Leftwich is at Redskins Park for a workout. This is the equivalent of your girlfriend saying everything is fine, and you say “no, somethings wrong?” And it goes back and forth with her saying nothings wrong and you just want the bitch to say YES, THIS WHOLE RELATIONSHIP IS FUCKED. But she doesn’t, even though she’s getting ready to bang out some old bastard.

Now word is that the front office is “smitten” with Mark Sanchez, but of course they deny everything. This is the equivalent of your girlfriend running away with the pool boy who looks like A-Rod. Your thinking WTF? I give up.

JC keeps giving all the right answers and saying all the right things. He’s got that same calm, cool look that he has in games. At some point he’s got to crack. I hope it’s behind closed doors and he gives Dan and Vinny a verbal ass whooping. JC deserves another season in Zorns offense. He’s improved every year, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t this year. My fear is that they are going to trade him on draft day for a 3rd or 4th round pick. I hope I’m wrong.

Cheers and Hail
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