Great Names For DC Area Sports Blogs

When I named my blog I put about 15 seconds of thought into it. Lets see, I’ll take my username and add a D, yep that works. I didn’t come up with that catchy blog name that incorporates humor with an athlete. Well, here’s a few that have come to mind from the beltway sports area. Do you have ideas for others? Let me know in the comments section. I also might have a few ideas coming soon about teams and players that I dislike, stay tuned…

Jacoby’s TheaterVision

Gary’s Pit Stains

Alice Sweet’s Tomato Plant

There’s An Arenas Between Us

The Skin’s Traded A 2nd Round Pick For This Blog

Alomar Spits Brady Swallows

Bend Yoder And I’ll Show You

Cooley’s Playbook

Alonzo Mourning Wood

Cheers and Hail

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