Disaster Averted

Redskins fans owe the Bears front office a big thank you for winning the Jay Cutler sweepstakes.

Do I want Cutler on my team…yes, my fantasy team. While it’s debatable if Jay Cutler would be a better QB for the Skins than Jason Campbell is, the steep price it would have taken to get Cutler would have hindered the Redskins for years.
The Skins have serious problems on their offensive and defensive lines. The issues lie from ignoring these 2 units for years in the draft. Giving away a couple more 1st round picks and a 3rd rounder for Cutler would have been assinine.
Whether it’s trading away high draft picks for aging veterans (Brunnel, Jason Taylor) or simply drafting the “best player on the board” (Thomas, Davis, Kelly,) the Skins have totally ignored the O and D lines in the draft. How much so? In the past 8 years the Redskins have drafted ZERO D-lineman in the first 4 rounds of the draft. ZERO. During the same period of time they drafted 2 O-lineman (Dockery in Rd 3 of 2003, Rinehart in Rd 3 of 2008.)
The Skins need to draft an offensive tackle or defensive end/OLB who can get to the QB with this years 1st round pick. Someone like a Jansen or Samuels who can step in and man the position for the next 10 years. They cannot ignore these 2 areas for another year.

I hope that Campbell is able to put all this BS aside and have a huge year. Make the Danny pay for this little dance, and pay for holding out to give him a new contract. The Skins have done the exact same thing the Broncos did with Cutler. They shopped their franchise QB around for what they felt was a better player. The difference is Cutler acted like a bitch, and Campbell has acted like the consummate professional.

I’m behind you JC!

Cheers and Hail
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