Porkboy: Pork Knows Best

I know, I know, you’ve all been waiting to hear my opinion on the Jay Cutler dust up. Well I decided to wait until this became a proper boil. It’s now a proper boil. I love a young punk who won’t even return the owners calls… but the young punk is right. All Josh McDaniels had to do was say ” sorry I made a play for my guy, but now it’s me and you for the next decade.” LIE A LITTLE !!! As a coach you are a people manager, do and say what it takes to get the most out of your people. That’s your job young Josh…. all Cutler needed to hear was “you’re my man, this trade stuff is over.”

Young Josh just couldn’t do that, his ego was take it or leave it. I expect Cutler to be a spoiled brat, he’s a young NFL QB, it’s is all he knows. As a coach you have to rise above it, spank those that need spanked and stroke those that need stroked.
All Cutler said he wanted was a commitment, that is all any of us want.
Whats even funnier was that after Mcdaniels told Cutler that “I can’t promise you it wont happen again,” he then made the statement that Jay needs to be fully committed to the Broncos!

I’m not saying Cutler is the greatest QB around, but in a league where half the teams don’t have a quality starter you can’t just throw one away. People love to talk about his record as a starter, but he’s 16 -1 in games where he starts and the defense allows 22 points or less. It’s the defense that has let the Broncos down the last couple of years…. and take a look at the RB situation he had last year.
Sometimes things just need the smell test… do you think Matt Cassel is better than Cutler? Or worth more money? If you answered like I think, you are all ready smarter than young Josh.

As a Belichick disciple young Josh definitely has got the part down about being a pompous ass. I will never forget Bill running Bernie Kosar out of town in Cleveland. Cutting him mid season while Vinny Testraverde was hurt, Bill had to start a third string QB…just to show who was boss. All the Belichick coaching tree has given us is a lot of duds and losses (Sabian, Weiss, Crennel.) I guess when you don’t have Tom Brady and you can’t cheat any more… it gets a little tough!

Another smell test, will the Broncos be better this year without Jay Cutler ?

One last rant!! The Tampa Bay Bucs hire a guy because he listens to the same music as the players? WTF?! The Bucs folded last year because the defense gave up when they heard their beloved coach was going to join his son in Tennessee. So you promote one of the defensive coaches who couldn’t talk his guys into tackling anyone wearing a Raiders F&*ing uniform!!Gruden was sunk when he went to a team that gave up 2 #1 picks and 2nd Rd picks to get him, and don’t forget the 2 #1′s to get Keyshawn. That’s 6 very important picks and the future of your team. He actually should get credit for being competitive with Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, and for making Antonio Bryant million$$.

And for the best news I’ve heard in weeks…..bacon flavored chap stick !!!!

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