Cal Ripken Jr…Skipper?

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Radio Cal Ripken expressed an interest in returning to the game as a major league manager. Ripken was quoted as saying, “I’m starting to think about it a little more now. When my boy goes off to college, if there’s a time to come back to the game, maybe that’s the time.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never pictured my favorite athlete of all-time managing, despite the fact that he was born and bred to do it. I picture Cal as the G.M. or the owner of a MLB team, not an actual field coach…I see his brother Billy as a manager. And when we talk about Cal having any position with a MLB team, whether it be manager, G.M. or owner…it has to be with the Orioles…right? I can’t see Cal becoming the manager of the Marlins or the Nats.

This is a make or break year for Dave Trembley, regardless of Cal’s words. Anything less than .500 will probably lead to Trembley’s dismissal. Would Andy Macphail be confident enough to hire Cal to be the manager? Cal would certainly demand more power than any other manager…ever. And how much money would it take? A S-load. And every crab eating O’s fan out there is going to clamouring for Cal to be the next manager, any other choice and the B&O Warehouse will be receiving bomb threats.

For the record Cal’s son Ryan is only a sophomore in high school, so by Cal’s words we’re talking about 2 years from now. But, with Cal being on record as saying he would like to manage…let the countdown begin.

Cheers and Hail

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