Super Bowl XLIV: Pickin On The NFL

Who dat? Dat be the Super Bowl champions? No…really? For the past 2 weeks I’ve told anyone who asked for my opinion that the Colts would win the game. In fact, I told my co-workers this morning the Colts would win by 2 touchdowns. I mean…it’s hard not to believe that if Tony Dungy believes it. But, I guess I drank the Saint’s Kool-Aid for breakfast because I’m officially going on record as picking the Saints to win the game.

Picking the Saints definitely puts me in the minority as most of the experts are picking the Colts; even most of the celebrities are picking the Colts. But hey, I’m in good company…if the Saints are good enough for Phyllis Diller, they’re good enough for me! Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir (what’s that guy been smoking) even picks the same final score as I do…Saints 30 Colts 28. Who cares what the “experts” think with all their breaking down game film and well-informed information? I feel like I’m in good company with Phyllis and Bob.

It’s tough to pick against Peyton Manning, he may be the best I ever saw. The key to game will come early, with the Saints needing to do 1 of 2 things. The Saints need to come up with a couple of stops early, or if not, they need to answer the Colts scores. The Saints falling behind early would not be a good recipe for winning. Hopefully, Gregg Williams will bring a solid defensive game plan to the table and try to create some confusion for Manning…something that is not easy to do. I’m predicting a Joseph Addai fumble at some point in this game to swing things in the Saints favor.

So there you have it…put some Jambalaya in the crock pot, cue up ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ and enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll cruise on over to Orlando this week and see Drew Brees at Disneyworld.

Saints 30 Colts 28

Cheers and Hail

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