WBC, It’s Worth Watching

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether anyone cares about the WBC…I will tell you that the players and coaches of Team USA definitely do. The players fom Team USA have bonded in a short amount of time to form a great TEAM. They are playing with the enthusiasm of a group of twelve year old all-stars, who are advancing to Williamsport, PA. Right now, baseball is not a job that last 162 games, plus spring training, plus the playoffs. Baseball is a game. Team USA has had to overcome injuries, and their depth is down right frightening. The pitching staff is not deep on talent.

I’ve enjoyed watching them and have found myself rooting for guys I downright despise. There I am cheering for Kevin Youkilis to get a hit, clapping when Jeter makes a nice play (his range is deteriorating by the way.) I mean it’s hard to root for Youkilis. His look, his stance…who holds a bat like that, wtf. But I laughed my ass off when he took off Wright’s helmet after the walk-off, and acted like he was a fullback breaking away from the pack. If that shit went down against the O’s, I might have broken my TV.

Brian Roberts has provided a huge spark for Team USA. While Dustin Pedroia is home nursing his pulled labia, Roberts is playing like the team MVP. In 3 games Roberts has 6 hits, scored 5 runs, walked 3 times, and has stolen a base.
Team USA has also found a special fan in Sgt. Felix Perez, I would ask you to read this article for his story with Team USA. Team USA will be paying for Sgt. Perez to come and watch them compete for the WBC title this weekend at Dodger Stadium in LA. Playing for the US and representing our country means something to these guys.

So on Sunday evening after your march madness fix is over, tune in to ESPN and support our team in the semi-final. Should they win Sunday, they will be playing for the Championship on Monday night.

I will be watching…and I hope to see something like this.

Cheers and Hail

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