The Six Degrees Of Fatpickled

Six Degrees of Fatpickled is a list of 6 links I recommend you check out…

Cooley (Ron Burgundy) is working for OCNN covering the Super Bowl. (Cooley Zone)

Analyzing the Redskins options at QB. (Real Redskins)

Remembering the dumbest question (Doug Williams) ever at media day…a question that was never asked. (Redskins Blog)

Why the Bullets are now the Wizards. (D.C. Sports Bog)

This Rick Majerus story is kinda old, but it’s so disturbing I’ve been unable to get it out of my head. (Deadspin)

A must see video below of a Packer fan who announces he will be back to drink another year. (The Onion via Hot Clicks)

Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season

Cheers and Hail

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