Music Monday: Better Than Ezra

I’ve chosen one my favorite all-time bands for today’s edition of “Music Monday,” Better Than Ezra. My first memories of BTE are from 1995 when I first heard ‘Good’ on WHFS. I remember driving in my car and horribly singing the lines “aha, it was good living with you, aha.” At the time BTE had already been making music for 7 years and they are still going strong today, after 22 years. ‘Good’ was the first and only #1 song for BTE (to date,) but the truth of the matter is, as “good” as ‘Good’ was…BTE has gotten better with age.

BTE has released 7 studio albums to date and in my opinion they started really hitting their stride with album #4 Closer. Don’t get me wrong BTE’s first 3 albums rocked, including the underrated How Does You’re Garden Grow? However, Closer is on a different level and it’s one of my desert island albums…it’s also an album that my 5 year old has been enjoying lately, we’re wearing out ‘Misunderstood.’

In addition to churning out great albums, BTE still tours regularly. They are a bad ass live band with their shows featuring various covers and medleys. My wife and I never miss a chance to see BTE. It’s no surprise that our 5 year old loves BTE…it was his first concert…when he was still in his mommy’s tummy.

The past couple weeks have been very good to BTE, they are natives of New Orleans and huge Saints fans…so they got that going for them, which is nice. In addition, Taylor Swift (a big BTE fan) performed a cover of their song ‘Breathless’ on the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon.

I recommend all of BTE’s music, but you can start your BTE collection by purchasing some of the tunes listed below. GO SAINTS!

PS- 15 years later I’m still singing “aha, it was good,” and I still sound horrible.


Desperately Wanting

Extra Ordinary

A Lifetime

In The Blood


Absolutely Still

Just One Day

At The Stars



A Southern Thing

Under You

Our Last Night


Cheers and Hail

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