TV Tuesday: Seinfeld

For the first ever TV Tuesday I think it’s a no-brainer to just go ahead and get Seinfeld out of the way. On many critics list as the greatest show of all-time “yada, yada, yada” the show about nothing was must-see TV back on Thursday nights in the 90’s. The Seinfeld cast recently had a reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm; I somehow forgot to tune in. I know Curb is supposed to be a funny show, but in the couple times I’ve watched it I just couldn’t get into it.

Seinfeld will go down as one of my all-time favorites TV shows. Kramer was my favorite character, followed closely by George. Elaine and Jerry were funny together and Puddy was awesome. By the way…you can see Puddy playing basically the same character on Rules Of Engagement (a surprisingly decent show.) I could do without Newman. Jerry and George’s parents were awesome and I particularly enjoyed the shows that featured the retirement community in Florida (Kramer running for president, Jerry working out vs. Lloyd Bridges.)

I ultimately believe that Seinfeld ended a couple seasons too soon, the show was in the zone and funnier than ever when it ended its run in 1998. Now, we have reruns available nearly 24 hours a day, so we can relieve all the great memories including the following classics:

“The Contest”
“The Marine Biologist”
“The Soup Nazi”
“The Maestro”
“The Chicken Roaster”
“The Implant”
“The Hamptons”
“The Boyfriend”
“The Abstinence”
“The Comeback”

Every single Kramer entrance, in order!

10 Great Seinfeld moments

George’s Top 20 food moments

Cheers and Hail

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