A New Look Fatpickled In 2010

I’m excited to announce a few changes that will be happening on the site in 2010. When I first started this blog the idea was that I would write not just about sports, but also movies, music and other pop culture stuff. Well, Fatpickled somehow got away from all of the other stuff and became an all-sports blog. I’m here to say today that Fatpickled will now be touching on all the other stuff as well.

Don’t get too confused, this site’s main focus will still be sports…specifically the teams I love (Redskins, O’s, Terps, Wizards.) However, in addition to several weekly post about sports, you will also receive a daily dose of pop culture. Here’s what you can expect to see in 2010:

Music Monday – Every Monday I will write about a song, an album or a specific musical act that I love. I absolutely love music, and my tastes range all across the board…I once bought Everclear, Culture Club and Conway Twitty CD’s in a single trip to Best Buy. I’m always looking for new music, so hopefully you guys will share your musical likes with me as well.

TV Tuesday – Every Tuesday I will write about TV Shows from today and the past that I have enjoyed. This may include talking about my favorite current show (Friday Night Lights,) or my favorite shows as a kid (Three’s Company, Dukes Of Hazzard.) I plan on showing clips from Hulu and YouTube.

Whatchoo Talkin Bout Wednesday or Random Thought Thursday – On Wednesday or Thursday of each week I will be talking about whatever subject is on my mind at the time. I may talk about beer, cooking, fishing or other things that I enjoy doing. Hopefully these thoughts will be funny and/or entertaining.

Film Friday - Every Friday I will be talking about my favorite movies of all-time. I will also be talking about my favorite actors/actress of all-time. I may play the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game…I was the master of that game in the late 90′s.

I hope you welcome the pop culture stuff to the blog with open arms and find it entertaining. Thanks for your support.

Cheers and Hail

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