A Rod REALLY Likes Himself


Now I know when you do a photo shoot, the photographer asks you to loosen and up and “strike a pose,” (Madonna pun intended.) Apparently after a couple shots of Patron, Alex likes to make a “booty call” to himself.

Alex: “ooohh, you look so sexy”

Alex: “come here here my big ball of testosterone Latin love”

These pictures were taken for an article in Details magazine. After the interview and photo shoot, Alex called back the author of the story to plead with him not to release Alex’s favorite Madonna song in the article. A-Fraud feared the backlash of hearing the song played at opposing stadiums. I think he’s already given Red Sox and O’s fans enough ammunition (a couple of blow up dolls with #13 Yankee jerseys would be a good start.)

Well, he’s got a couple of months to be alone with himself as he recovers from the surgery to remove the cyst on his hip. Don’t cyst form where needles are repeatedly are used?

Cheers and Hail
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