Fatpickle And Porkboy: We Speak In Movie Quotes

Porkboy came into Florida this weekend to surprise me for my Bday. We’ve taken advantage of this time “brainstorming” for ideas related to the website, blog, and t-shirts. The brainstorming sessions produced little ideas other than ordering pizza, making sure we have enough beer, and plotting a trip to Bare Assets. However, we realize when we talk we incorporate movie quotes into the conversation quite often. Not just to each other, but in our jobs and everyday life. Here is a list of movie quotes (sports movies only, we do use many more from non sports movies) that we use nearly everyday. Also, we did not list any Ted Knight or Rodney Dangerfield quotes from Caddyshack, because we use nearly every damn one of them.

“Noonan!” – Caddyshack- Used mainly when an opposing team’s kicker lines up for a FG. Also effective for free throws or a friendly game of h-o-r-s-e. “Akers lines up for a 43yd attempt, MISS IT, NOONAN, MISS, NOONAN!”

“Jobu needs a refill”-Major League- I need another beer. “honey do you need anything from the kitchen…well, Jobu needs a refill.”

“We’re going to sizzler”-White Men Can’t Jump- Awesome to say when you get a small victory. Like when your energy bill is $20 dollars less than you thought it would be, or Totino’s pizzas are on special at the grocery store. “I just won the office march madness pool, we’re going to sizzler.”

“I think it could be gravy”-Caddyshack- When your favorite team takes the momentum in a game, or you look at their remaining schedule and see nothing but wins. “we got Dallas at home then SanFran on the road, I think it could be gravy.”

“You remember the last time I stick it in you?”-Rounders- Great to pull out when your playing your buddy’s in cards or PlayStation. “wanna play Madden? sure…but do you remember the last time when I stick it in you?” (this also requires the imitation of John Malkovich air humping)

“Help me baby Jesus, help me Tom Cruise”-Talladega Nights- When something in your day goes wrong, like the copier is jammed or your courtesy flush is coming up, not going down! “help me baby Jesus, help me Tom Cruise!”

“gravy train with biscuit wheels”-Kingpin- The guy who has all the luck on his side, the guy who does nothing at work, yet gets promotions and raises. “Mike has been on a 3 hour lunch break, and no one even cares…he’s on the gravy train with biscuit wheels.”

“I wake up in the morning and just piss excellence”-Talladega Nights- Always fun to break out when you succeed at work, like selling some windows and siding to some tight ass. “hey Porkboy, nice job on that Johnson account…well you know when I wake up in the morning I just piss excellence.”

“nananananananana”-Caddyshack-Eveyone says it and we all use it for nearly everything. Like when your trying to write a blog post and your computer wants to lock up on you. “F me, are you kidding me…I’m almost finished…come on, nananananananana.”

Do you use different quotes in your day to day? Let us know in the comments.

Cheers and Hail

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