An Ode To Clinton


Clinton Portis has played his last game as a Washington Redskin. It’s not official…and I guess you can speculate that he’ll be back next season (he is under contract,) but it’s over Johnny. The burst is gone, he’s now overpaid and the younger guys who have replaced him are playing at a higher level.

Now the question becomes, what will Clinton’s legacy be? Was he a selfish player and locker room cancer? Was he a selfless player that carried the team on his back at times? Is it arguable that he was the Redskin’s greatest running back ever?

I’m conflicted on the selfish/selfless thing. On one hand he played hurt, picked up blitzes as good as any RB in the league and absolutely carried the Skins to playoff appearances in 05’ and 07’. I also saw a player who raised his hand to come out of games on many key occasions and who called out his fellow teammates on various occasions.

Clinton’s Redskin Resume:

He owns 4 out of the top 10 single season rushing yardage totals (#1, 2, 8, 10.)

He owns 4 out of the top 10 single season carries totals (#3, 5, 6, 10.)

#2 all-time in rushing yards.

#2 all-time in carries.

#3 all-time in TD’s.

In the last 5 games of the 05’ season (all wins,) Portis rushed for 583 yards and 6 TD’s. He was over 100+ yards in every game and averaged 26 carries per game.

So, what was Clinton Portis to me? He was one of my favorite players. I know people think he was a prima donna and perhaps he had some of those traits. I’ll choose to remember him as the player in the last 5 games of 05’, or the player from the first 8 games of 08’. I’ll remember the guy who blew up opposing linebackers who came up the middle on blitzes.

I’ll remember the guy who ran nearly 50 yards downfield in a pre-season game to deliver a bone crushing hit on a defender who intercepted Brunnell. Portis separated his shoulder tackling that guy in a pre-season game.

And that’s the kind of guy I want playing for the burgundy and gold.

Cheers and Hail

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