The Ultimate Softball Team

We are well into Spring Training now and there is still an amazing number of established MLB veterans who have something in common with me, we aren’t playing anywhere. The list of players reads like the decade of the 90′s all-star team. So, I’d like to invite them to join me to form the ultimate softball team.

Ladies and Gentleman, The HGH Bombers:

C – Ivan Rodriguez

1B – Richie Sexson

2B – Ray Durham

SS – Orlando Cabrera

3B – Nomar Garciapara

OF -Manny Ramirez

OF – Jim Edmonds

OF – Moises Alou

OF – Barry Bonds

DH – Frank Thomas

P – Curt Schilling

P – Kenny Rogers

P – Pedro Martinez

Sure these guys are well past their prime, but they still want to play and I’m amazed some team hasn’t taken a chance on them. If they can’t find a home, the offer stands.

Cheers and Hail
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