Dallas Week: 15 Most Hated Cowboys


It’s Dallas Week, and no matter what the records are, no matter who’s name is on the back of the jersey’s…it means everything. The greatest rivalry in sports will play out on Jerry’s Disneyland field this Sunday. A lot of players have worn the star on their helmets and it was quite hard to widdle this list down to the 15 players that I have deemed my “most hated.” I’m sure I’ve left a few out…tell me about your most hated Cowgirls in the comments. And here’s a Skins/Boys YouTube to get you in the mood (you’ve seen them a hundred times…but they get better each time!)

#15 Tank Johnson

If there had been a metal detector at FedEx Field this guy would have never made it on the field….furthermore he acted like he won the Superbowl every time he tackled a running back after a 5 yard gain.

T#14 Alvin Harper

Mr. I catch 40 yard bombs for the Cowboys left and right and then I sign with the Redskins and catch 1 ball for 12 yards.

T#14 James Washington

Another Norv Turner signing of an ex-Cowboy player to the Redskins. Nicknamed “Drive by” for his big hits in Dallas…he drove by RFK the one year he was supposed to be playing for the Skins.

#13 Rocket Ismail

The only redemption I get from his 80 yard TD in overtime to beat the Skins in 99 is that he is now broke and squandered away million$.

#12 Mark Stepnowski

Probably the reason Aikman is gay. Aikman spent 10 years with his hands between the legs of his pot smoking, hair down to the middle of his back center.

#11 Leon Lett

Leon, let that ball alone!

#10 Erik Williams

This guy was such an A-hole that Michael Irvin should have stabbed him.

#9 Billy Davis

A part time player who never really hurt the Skins, I will always hate this guy for making me lose a bet many years ago when he dropped a TD in the end zone which would have given me the cover. I will never forget you Billy Davis.

#8 Butch Johnson

The “California Quake.” Enough said.

#7 Keyshawn Johnson

You can find his Wikipedia profile by searching for “bitching “ or “moaning.”

#6 Ken Norton

Ken Norton Sr. was once knocked out by Gerry Clooney in the first round. Ken Jr. celebrated this feat by annoyingly fighting the goalpost after a big play.

#5 Danny White

Who the F QB’s and punts the football…well Joe T. did once. How annoying is that? Thankfully Dexter put an end to that entire BS!

#4 Bill Bates

The Cowboys answer to Brian Mitchell, you know…the guy who after every play gave the opposing team an extra shove and some extra shit talking to boot. You love them when they play for your team, when they play for the Cowboys…

#3 Terrell Owens

Do I even need to validate this with words?

#2 Michael Irvin

This is a guy I still loathe, long after his career is over. He is the very definition of offensive pass interference…he stabbed his own teammate with a pair of scissors!

#1 Deion Sanders

After annoying me in nearly every way I thought possible for 5 seasons in Dallas…Deion did himself one better and stole millions from the Redskins for 1 season in 2000, doing his best Carlos Rodgers imitation.

Cheers and Hail

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