JT: Monday is now the worst day of the week.

Skins fans used to be much happier

Skins fans used to be much happier

I know this is a shocker, but Monday has somehow turned out to the be the worst day of the week. For years we’ve all hated Tuesday, Thursday, and the dreaded Wednesday, but now we all have Monday to fear. This is mainly because Monday is now the day we all have to return to work, school, and social circles and undergo the brutal and ceaseless torment from our coworkers, classmates, and friends who are fans of teams other than the Redskins. Even Lions fans are talking smack. Its merciless.

To quote a longstanding rival of mine and Eagles fan, “Its not even fun to make fun of the Skins anymore. You guys can’t even talk shit back.”…..I don’t know if the losing is more painful, or having mercy granted on you by someone you told only 2 months prior that their team sucked and Haynesworth would grind McNabb’s bones to bake his bread. This is bad news bears.

As painful as Monday is turning out to be its not as painful as being at the games these days. So far I’ve made it to each home game and each time I’ve come home with a wicked hangover (that would happen anyway) and heartburn, or in this weekends instance I came home weeping.

So considering the tourment we’re all going through its hard for me to feel sorry for the players because we boo them at home, or because they lose, or because they “don’t know what’s going wrong”. Look: I go to the games, I cheer, I boo, and I will continue to do so regardless of the situation. I’ll take my ribbings from my friends and I’ll rub it in when they’re good again. We all do this because we’re fans. Booing or cheering doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that I’m there and I care.

I've never seen it so empty!

If my child sucks at piano I’ll tell her so, but I’ll still go to the recital and deal with the awkward “its OK” glances from other parents and kids. In the same way I’ll boo my favorite football team when they’re god awful, but I’ll be there for them anyway. To me there is no reason to sugar coat this thing. I take my lumps with pride. We Redskins fans demand better play from our team, but we don’t make excuses for them (unlike Ravens fans who always blame the refs for a loss). Yes they’re bad, but they’ll turn it around, and we’ll be here until the end.

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