Fantasy Recap…Studs or Duds

Week 6 was a great week for my fantasy teams, I went 3-0, and moved up to 3rd place in my rotisserie league. As promised, Steve took his beating. Lets take a look and see how my fantasy picks worked out.
The Redskins – I jinxed them. I am a very superstitious person. Never again will I predict a Redskin’s fantasy numbers. That’s all I have to say about that.

Favre – 186 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT DUD a letdown

Frerotte - 296 yds, 1 TD, STUD the TD was 86 yds and he is underrated

Mcnabb – 280 yds, 2 TD, STUD barely

Romo - 321 yds, 3 TD STUD giving Jessica the sneaky pinkie

R. Brown - 93 yds, TD STUD marginal, but he got in the end zone

Jacobs - 67 yds, TD DUD, I hate this guy

Peterson - 111 yds, 2 Fumbles DUD no td’s, 2 lost fumbles

Pittman - 125 yds, STUD no TD’s, but he should have been your 3rd back

Berrian - 131 yds, 86 yd TD STUD Huge!

Breaston - 102 yds, TD STUD Nice game, will be a factor when Boldin comes back

D. Jackson - 98 yds, DUD nice yardage, didn’t find the end zone

S. Smith - 112 yds, STUD barely

Looks like 8 studs out of 12. I Meatloafed it.

Cheers and Hail!

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