McNamee’s over there taking care of Clemens and Giambi, he’s got plenty left for us!

When you just got called out as a cheat and a liar, how do you put the spin on it? Well start by scheduling an interview with the 90 year old guy from ESPN who acts like everyone’s grandpa. Those questions were lobbed up to A-Rod like it was batting practice. Don’t hammer him into answering the fact that he cheated, or that he has lied to the public for several years. Let him lump his failed marriage and huge contract into the mix to try to seek extra sympothy.
Most people who have watched baseball and saw Barry Bonds break the all-time HR record all thought it was done thru cheating. And we all said “wait till A-Rod breaks it, then we’ll know the record is clean again.” Well guess what, we were wrong. Truth is, there is no player playing the game today that we could trust to have played their entire careers clean. MLB needs to release all the names of the players that tested positive, and acknowledge once and for all that we have an official steroid era. Then, move on.
The true all-time HR champion for now and maybe all time, is Hammerin Hank. Yep, the guy who in his 40′s was declining statistically, not hitting more home runs. The guy with the big beer gut, and his skills eroding him. Not 40lbs heavier in muscle and going thru a training regimen like Ivan Drago.

Cheers and Hail
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