My Fantasy Thoughts of the Week (that don’t include Nadine Velazquez)

I have 4 Fantasy Football teams this year. Well, one of them is Rebecca’s, but I am the GM in charge of all personnel decisions. This requires a lot of research each week to ensure I am putting the best possible teams on the field. I have dedicated several hours each Thursday night to research. So far it seems to be paying off as my teams are a combined 10-4-1 (one league is a salary cap league, rotisserie style). Although I mess around with 4 teams, there is still only one team, and one league. In The League this week, my little brother is gonna remember the ass beatings I use to deliver to him when we were kids. Sorry in advance.
Here are my Studs for Week 6.
The Redskins – every player you have including D/ST. The Rams are 31st in the league on defense, allowing 412 yds per game. Campbell, Cooley, Moss, Portis, and maybe even Randle El have big games. Defensively, the Skins have practiced against an Al Saunders Offense the past 2 years, and the Rams haven’t been able to do anything offensively to date so far. Besides that, Cooley, CP, and Vladimir did a little Ram hunting this week.
Favre – 6 TD’s in last outing, he’s got the Bungles this week.
Frerotte – If they can’t tackle AI, he may not get many chances. I still see at least 250yds and 2TD.
Mcnabb – He’s been bitchin and cryin this week. Less than 200 yds the past 3 weeks. No Westbrook. Reid strokes him to 300 yds and 3 TD’s.
Romo - Favre threw for 6 against the Cards, if he gets half that its 3!
R. Brown - “Wildcat” until further notice.
Jacobs - The Browns suck against the run, and the Giants are riding him.
Peterson - He’s going against the Lions, enough said.
Pittman - Young is out, I think it’s Pittman, not Hall that takes advantage. Shanahan likes lots of RB’s like Gruden likes lots of QB’s.
Berrian - He seems to be Frerotte’s go to guy, and well its the Lions.
Breaston - 16 catches for 199 yds in last 2 games. The Cards will be playing from behind again this week.
Desean Jackson - Brown is out and Curtis is still banged up. See Mcnabb above.
S. Smith - He always plays big against the Bucs.
Good luck with your teams, here’s to another great and exciting week of NFL action.

Cheers and Hail!

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