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Who’s The Best/Worst MNF Announcing Team?

What was worse, 2 years of Dennis Miller or 3 of Tony Kornheiser? Tough call. I like Kornheiser, but I didn’t like him in the MNF booth. In fact, Shutdown Corner pretty much summed up all my feelings on Tony in this excellent post from today. With that being said, I’m excited about what Gruden will bring to the table. I believe that his NFL “street smarts” will play well off Jaworski’s “book smarts.” Tirico is serviceable as a play by play man, so this team has potential. And as an added bonus, Gruden has the potential to tell someone to go F themselves at any moment. Awesome!

Monday Night Football has had a lot of different asses (literally and figuratively) in the announcers seats over the years. Some good, some…not so good.

So who was the best and who was the worst?

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Monday, May 18, 2009

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